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How To String A Compound Crossbow: 2 Methods for You

The first method to stringing a crossbow is the old fashioned way. You can string the crossbow by hand. You need to make sure that you follow the correct procedure when doing it because you can lose a finger or two. The majority of people utilize a crossbow stringer but it can be done without one. Stringing by hand is more strenuous and will require much more muscle and strength. It becomes very difficult to string it when the crossbow is at a lower draw weight. More force will be needed in order to pull on the crossbow.

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1st method – Hook Crossbow to Nock

The first step involves hooking the crossbow string onto the nock. The other nock should be completely loose. Look at the loop of the bowstring and make sure that it is properly seated. The second step is to make sure to angle the crossbow properly on a steady surface. The nocked side of the bow should be on the floor. The loose end of the string should be held with your dominant hand as the bow is properly positioned. You can properly place the crossbow inside or outside. If the crossbow is placed outside than make sure it is propped against a wooden block.

#1 Apply Pressure by your Foot

The third step involves applying pressure while utilizing your foot. Make sure that your foot is properly placed on the prod part of the crossbow as it is properly positioned next to the barrel. Make sure that your dominant foot is used because it will apply more pressure. Leaning into the bow will help to apply more pressure. It is best to utilize your bare foot because it will minimize damage. Make sure your foot is properly placed on the center of the prod so no damage is incurred. If you locate a stirrup than do not put any pressure on it.

#2 Pull up the Barrel

The 4th step involves pulling up on the barrel. Make sure to use the dominant hand as you need more pressure. Make sure the crossbow is pulled up towards your torso. Also, apply pressure with your foot as your pulling with your hand. The prod should begin to bend much more as you begin to apply more pressure. Make sure to use your non dominant hand as you pull up on the empty end of the prod.

#3 Nocking the other Side of String

The next step involves nocking the other side of the string. The loose end of the string should be placed on the empty bow nock.You may need to release the barrel of the particular crossbow to properly hook the second nock. Make sure to properly check your work as you examine both of the nocks on the crossbow. Make sure that both of the loops are properly hooked onto each side. It can be potentially dangerous to shoot the crossbow when the strings are loose on both sides of the crossbow. Removing the strings can also be easily done by positioning it on the ground and unhooking the nocks on both ends of the crossbow.


2nd Method: Use a Stringer

The second method that can be used to string the crossbow is by utilizing a reliable stringer. The stringer can be used for any crossbow regardless of the draw weight. The stringer method is considered one of the safest methods instead of doing it manually. Make sure the end of the bowstring is placed properly. The actual string needs to be placed on the nock properly. The crossbow needs to be properly placed on the ground as you continue the stringing procedure.

#1 Stringer is placed on both ends of Crossbow

Next, make sure the stringer is placed on both ends of the crossbow. One end of the stringer needs to be placed on the loaded nock of the bow. Make sure the stringer is moved behind the prod and hook the other end onto the other nock. The next step involves cocking the crossbow. Make sure that the crossbow is properly tilted so that it is vertically with the crossbow barrel.

#2 Apply pressure and hook the center

Make sure to apply pressure backwards and hook it in the center. If you locate a stirrup on the crossbow than place your foot inside of it as you cock it into place. It should be easy to cock the crossbow due to the stringer. The next step is to hook the bowstring into the proper place. Make sure to locate the loose loop of the bowstring and hook it into the proper nock. Always make sure the loop of the bowstring is underneath the stringer. Fire the crossbow as you release the safety.

#3 Stringer will come off naturally

One end of the stringers should come off naturally as you fire it. Look at both ends of the crossbow and you will notice that they are in place. Make sure to properly remove the other end of the stringer so that the bow is properly strung. The string should be carefully removed from the nock so that the bowstring is not accidently loosened. The bowstring and stringer could be intertwined which will make things much more difficult. A flat screwdriver may need to be utilized to take the stringer off.

#4 Check your work and the Bowstring

You need to always check your work so make sure that the bowstring is properly placed securely on the ends of the crossbow. It can be considered a safety hazard if the strings are not properly placed on the crossbow as you test and fire it. Making sure that the strings are on properly will prevent any bad things from occurring so it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are going to need to remove the strings on the bowstring than place the stringer on both sides and cock it as needed.

#5 Both ends can be removed

Both ends of the bowstring can be removed now and the stringer can be removed as needed. Both procedures will efficiently show you how to properly string a crossbow. You can also utilize some durable gloves when maneuvering the crossbow to make sure that no injuries occur. Follow every procedure step by step to make sure that the crossbow is efficiently stringed properly.

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