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Best Portable Pressurized Camping Showers: Buying Guide & 5 Our Top Picks (Reviews 2021)

The joy of the outdoors is hard to beat and there is no better way to enjoy the pleasure of the open-air than when camping. However, just because you’re sleeping under canvas doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some home comforts. Portable camping showers are a great investment if you’re planning on a summer of camping as they are easy to use and don’t come with a hefty price tag.

Plus, with your own camping shower, you will no longer have to patiently wait in line at the shower block at your campsite or have to look out for the best camping spots with showers ever again. If you’re looking for portable hot showers for camping then read on to find out more.

Our Top Picks

Best Camping Shower: RinseKit Portable Sprayer

RinseKit is a compact portable shower that you can take anywhere with you on your trip. With this product, you can wash food, wash your hands and feet or even take a bath without having to find any bathroom.

Best Camping Shower Setup: JAYETEC’s Portable Outdoor Shower Set

For one of the best camping showers out there on the market that comes with everything you need other than a modesty tent, this battery-powered shower and pump is portable and quick to set up whenever you need it.

Best Solar Camping Shower: KIPIDA’s 20-Liter Solar Shower with Removable Hose

These guys have made some of the best solar camping showers around with great features like an in-built temperature gauge, dual handles, and a removable hose. This all-in-one outdoor shower kit soaks up the sun’s rays so you can enjoy hot water out in the wild.

Best Camping Shower Kit: WADEO’s Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag & Foot Pump

For a foot-powered camping shower that gives you solar powered warm water, this great kit is an ideal camping shower for people wanting a few home comforts along with them for the ride.

Best 12v Camping Showers: DEDC’s 12-Volt Handheld Camping Shower

For a camping shower with electric power, this piece of kit offers you excellent pressure that will leave you feeling spotless and clean.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
WolfWise Pop-up Shower Tentfrom $29.99
WolfWise Dressing Tent Shower Privacy Portable Camping Beach Toilet Pop Up Tents Changing Room Outdoor Backpack Shelter Bluefrom $39.99
KEDSUM Portable Camping Shower Camping Shower Pump with Dual Detachable USB Rechargeable Batteries Handheld Outdoor Shower Head for Camping Hiking Travelingfrom $39.99
Ho Stevie! Durable Wetsuit Changing Mat/Waterproof Dry-Bag for Surfers (Black)from $19.97
Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower - 3 Gallonfrom $24.02
Rinse Kit Portable Sprayer with Hot Water Sink Adapterfrom $84.95
innhom Portable Shower Outdoor Camp Shower Camping Shower Camp Shower Pump Electric Rechargeable Portable Shower Powered by Rechargeable Battery or Car Cigarette Lighter 1 Year Warrantyfrom $50.00
Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump Sunsetfrom $68.95
Simple Shower Portable Camping Showerfrom $10.99
Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs | Dog Grooming Tool | Pet Bathing Gear | Dog Travel Accessories | Hiking Beach OR Camping Supplies for Pets | Works with 2 Liter Soda Bottle | Mud Dog Showerfrom $11.69
Nemo Helio LX Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump Apple Greenfrom $103.95
ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower 5 Gallon with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hikingfrom $19.99
Solar Shower Bag Portable Heating Camping Shower Bag with Upgraded Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Summer Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hiking-20L/5 Gallon (Army Green)from $17.99
Iron Hammer Portable shower Camp Shower rechargeable shower high capacity 4800mAh camping shower pet shower With shower valve (Shower with Water valve)from $47.00
[Upgraded] Portable Camping Shower Compact Shower Pump with Dual Detachable USB Rechargeable Batteries Handheld Outdoor Shower Head for Camping Hiking Traveling Use (Upgraded Separate Battery)from $43.99
Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower 5-Gallon Blackfrom $9.50
LUOOV [Upgraded] Portable Camping Shower Compact Shower Pump with Dual Detachable USB Rechargeable Batteries Handheld Outdoor Shower Head for Camping Hiking Traveling Use Portable Showerfrom $34.99
Rinse Kit Portable Shower with Hot Water Sink Adapter (Plus Gray)from $115.00
Camping Shower Portable Shower Outdoor Shower Handheld Electric Shower Water Flow Stalls Adjustment 4800mAh Rechargeable Battery Flow Contol and Shut OFF Valve for Showering Washing etc (blue)from $47.48
Rinse Kit (RK01) Portable Sprayer with Hot Water Sink Adapterfrom $89.95
Solar Camping Shower Bag 5 Gallons/20L Portable Camping Shower Bag with On/Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Traveling Hiking Beach Swimmingfrom $18.99
Rinse Kit Portable Outdoor Shower | 1.75 gallons of Water | Pressurized Spray for 4 Minutes | No Pumping - No Batteries | Camping Surfing Pets Sport | BPA Free (RinseKit POD)from $84.95
Portable Outdoor Handheld Camping Shower - Plug into 12v Cigarette Adapter - Turns Water into Gentle and Steady Stream - with Build-in Water Filtration System for Travel Camping Hiking Garden Petfrom $40.99
Ivation Portable Camping Shower | Compact Handheld & Hands-Free Rechargeable Outdoor Shower Head & Cleaning System w/ 3.7V Pump 6-Ft Hose Bidet Head Removable Filter Multiuse Hook & USB Cablefrom $36.99
EasyGO Products Camp Shower - 5 Gallon Portable Shower - Solar Heated Camping Water Bagfrom $20.44

What To Look For When Buying Best Portable Pressurized Camping Showers

Before jumping in at the deep end and purchasing the first portable pressurized camping shower you come across take a look at our buying guide to ensure you choose the right product for you and your family.

#1 Usability

A key criteria to think about when looking at outdoor camping showers is their usability. The last thing you want is to have to set up a camping portable shower that is hard to put together. Look out for camping showers that promise a short set up time so that you’re left with more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

#2 Amount of water it can hold

The amount of water the portable shower can hold will determine how long your shower will last for. It will also determine how frequently you have to refill it if you have a whole family that needs to use it in the morning. Look at the capacity of the shower and how long it says the shower will last for before needing to refill it. Of course, trying to not use to much water is a good idea especially when resources might be limited where you are camping.

#3 Weight

In general, a camping shower should be pretty lightweight as it is designed to be portable. However, some are heavier than others so it is worth checking out their specifications first. If you can pull up your car directly to the campsite and unload then the weight of your camping shower is not so much of a problem. However, if you’re going to be carrying it for a distance then the lighter the better.

#4 Accessories For Your Portable Pressurized Camping Shower

Once you’ve invested in a portable camping shower it is likely that you will wonder how you ever lived without it. You may also be interested in the accessories that you can get for your camping shower to make the experience even more enjoyable. Whether it be the best camping shower wipes to keep your shower clean, a soap caddy or some non-slip matting there are plenty of accessories available for your new toy.

Top 5 Best Portable Pressurized Camping Showers Reviews

Now that you know everything you need to know about camping showers you can check out some of our favorite products below. Comparing the pros and cons of these portable pressure showers will see you on your way to finding the perfect camping shower for you and your family.

When looking to find the best portable camping showers, it can be difficult to know where to start and all the different bits of kit you will need. Here, we outline our top 5 bits of camping kit that will be everything you need for an ideal camping shower setup.

#1 Best Camping Shower: RinseKit Portable Sprayer

RinseKit describes their portable shower as “having a garden hose wherever it is needed.” We agree. It’s about the size of a drink cooler so it fits easily in a trunk or in the back of a car. Take it fishing to rinse mud off your waders. Leave it on the beach to wash off sand after swimming. Warm up after kayaking in cold rapids. Use it to clean dishes while camping. Or take a shower in the great outdoors.

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#2 Best Camping Shower Setup: JAYETEC’s Portable Outdoor Shower Set

If you love camping in truly wild places far away from campsites with built-in showers but hate feeling dirty, then you’ll love this highly portable shower setup. The 4400mAh battery is fully rechargeable via a USB port. This gives you the power to turn any pool of water into a shower with the necessary power to get decent pressure. With plenty of length in both input and output hoses, you’ll feel like you’re in your shower at home with this great bit of kit, so long as you don’t mind a naturally heated shower!

Other pros about his camping shower kit are that: it is simple to use, just attach the input hose to the suction port on the side and the sprinkler to the output port on the top of the battery; the battery is waterproof for a short daily soak so can be submerged in water whilst in use (although it should not be stored in this way), and; the battery lasts for an impressive 80-minutes per charge. The downside of this shower setup is that it doesn’t heat the water for you!

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#3 Best Solar Camping Shower: KIPIDA’s 20-Liter Solar Shower with Removable Hose

These guys have been designing and delivering some of the best outdoor camping showers for years. This simple but excellent solar heated camping shower is no different and has a range of great features not offered by other units offered at a similar price. For example, the in-built temperature gauge allows you to know exactly when your shower water is going to be as warm as you like it. Don’t leave anything to chance with this outdoor shower that helps you make the most of the sun’s powerful rays.

Other things that make this our best camping shower bag are that: it comes complete with a removable shower hose; it has a handy pocket for your toiletries so you don’t have to fumble around; it has a super-strong handle; it holds 20-liters of water so is good for a big group of campers, and; it can get water to 113-Degrees Fahrenheit in just 3 hours thanks to its ability to absorb heat. The downside of this product is that it only works with gravity so doesn’t have great pressure.

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#4 Best Camping Shower Kit: WADEO’s Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Bag & Foot Pump

Some people find that just having heat doesn’t solve every problem when it comes to a camping shower. Indeed, a shower without much pressure can leave you feeling like you’ve barely showered at all. However, if you feel like this and want to steer clear of electricity, this can cause a problem. Fortunately, this great bit of kit is foot-powered and has everything you need to overcome every one of these problems. For a hot water portable shower with great pressure and no need for electric power, this has it all.

Other positives about this shower kit for camping are that: it is powered by a foot pump that helps you create the desired pressure; the water tank absorbs heat from the sun over the course of the day to provide you with decently warmed water, and; it folds down nicely making it easy to carry even on longer trips. The downside of this kit is that it doesn’t have great heat retention so you are best using it whilst the sun is still up if you want to ensure a hotter shower.

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#5 Best 12v Camping Showers: DEDC’s 12-Volt Handheld Camping Shower

As good as solar, battery, and foot powered camping showers can be, sometimes nothing can beat that extra bit of power that gets some beautiful pressure. This nifty shower kit connects to the cigarette port in vehicles offering 12-volts of power that will truly get you, or your dog, feeling spotlessly clean after a long muddy walk in the great outdoors. Just place the pump into water, connect the power, and away you can go!

Other things to like about this 12-volt portable camping shower are that: it is not much more than the majority of solar heated camping shower bags but comes with way more power; it has plenty of cabling that makes it nice and easy to set up; it can be used indoors and out depending on your camping setup, and; it has a sucker to attach the hose at an ideal height. The downside of this camping shower unit is that you need power and a vehicle.

#12_Volt_Shower #Electric_Camping_Shower #Power_Camping_Shower #Power_Shower #12V

Accessories for your portable pressurized camping shower

#1 Best Camping Shower Tent: Lightspeed Outdoors’ Extra Wide Privacy Tent & Portable Changing Room

So many shower tents out there offer portability, but often this comes at the expense of space. Not so with this great bit of kit. The spacious design means you have a place to hang up your clothes without worrying about getting them wet. There is also plenty of room to dress and undress without feeling like you’re going to bang the sides. The D-shape design means this is suitable for use as a toilet and shower room making it ideal for every camping trip.

Other pros about this shower camping tent are that: it is lightweight, making it nice and portable even with the extra space it offers; it comes with a shelf for solar showers, handy pockets, and towel clips; it has excellent ventilation thanks to the double mesh zippered rooftop windows, and; you get an incredible fife-foot but five-foot of floor space. The downside of this tent is that it is not a pop-up tent so some people find it a bit fiddly.

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#2 FCS Change Mat / Wet Bag

Stand on this to change clothes so you don’t burn your feet or get them dirty. Then stow your wetsuit in this waterproof bag.

The FCS Change Mat Wet Bag is made out of 150D ripstop nylon and 210D polyester for durability. It has a barrel-lock drawstring fastener. When laid out flat, it measures approximately 2 feet in diameter.

#3 leapair Pop Up Shower Tent

Have privacy while you shower. This also doubles as a shelter for your porta-potty.

We liked this privacy tent because it’s fairly spacious. It stands 75 inches, or 6.25 feet tall, and it’s 40 inches wide. It’s also easy to set up because it literally just pops open. There’s no floor so it’s ideal for showering. (There is also no roof.) It comes in three colors, including woodland camouflage.

FAQs About Pressurized Portable Showers

#1 How much is a portable shower?

As with everything, the price of a portable camping shower depends on the quality as well as the size. Prices start at around $15 for a very basic model which you can simply hang on a branch and can go up to around $100 for something really state of the art.

#2 How do Portable Showers Work?

After all this talk about camping showers, you may now be wondering how they actually work. The water usually passes through the shower thanks to gravity however a power source will ensure the water you receive is hot. There are a variety of power sources available for camping showers ranging from rechargeable batteries, USB charger with pump, or solar-powered. Portable solar camping showers are an excellent choice not only because solar energy is a renewable energy source (and so better for the environment), it is also completely free!

Solar showers for camping are leading the way when it comes to portable showers. The way solar camping showers work is through solar panels on the shower that collect solar energy from the sun. You then use your portable shower in the normal way, having the shower at a height so that gravity pulls the water through. However, thanks to solar power you will be enjoying hot water instead of cold.

#3 What is a Solar Shower Bag?

Many solar showers work through a very clever invention called a solar shower bag. It is simply a bag that is black on one side that you fill with water and then leave out in the sun. As long as you have a sunny day then you can look forward to a nice warm shower that has been heated for free.

#4 How much water do you need for a camp shower?

The majority of portable camping showers will hold around 20 liters of water, however, there are a variety of capacities available. The length of showers you will be able to take will depend on how many people will be using it and how accessible a water supply is.

#5 You keep saying that these portable sprayers are hard to clean. So how do I clean one?

As you fill the tank, mix in a couple drops of mild dishwashing detergent. Swish that around inside the tank, then spray out all the soapy water. Fill the tank again and spray. Repeat until the water is clear, not sudsy. If you have a seriously stinky tank, you can try a mild bleach solution. Just be aware that while RinseKit can probably tolerate bleach, it might damage the other showers’ tanks. It’s best to drain and dry out the tanks instead of letting water stagnate in them.

#6 Can you give me ideas for how to use my new portable shower besides bathing outdoors?

Yes, we can. Rinse bugs off your car windshield, wash the dog after he jumps in the creek, spray down the kids after they play in the sandbox, rinse off the fish you just caught, wash dishes while camping, spray down your surfboard, clean out your kayak, scrub down the porta-potty, water the garden where the garden hose doesn’t reach. How’s that for a list of ideas?

#7 Why would I buy a RinseKit versus a Helio or EasyGo Shower?

We’ll say that’s really up to you. We like all three pressure sprayer camp showers. But if you really want to know why we might pick the RinseKit over the other two, we’ll tell you. We’re a little lazy. The RinseKit doesn’t need any pumping to have pressure. We also love that we can control the flow out of the nozzle. We just wish it held more water. Of course, we could always get another one for the wife.

#8 Why would I buy a Helio or an EasyGo versus a RinseKit?

It all comes down to packability. If you have space for a RinseKit, great. But that weighs two pounds empty and it doesn’t collapse down for storage. The Helio and EasyGo compress into small carrying sacks, and they weigh less empty than the RinseKit does.

#9 Why do I want a pressurized camp shower?

If you only camp at KOA Kampgrounds, then you might be too spoiled to know what it’s like to shiver under a “solar shower” drizzle at the end of a sweaty day spent hiking. Sure, you could bathe in the lake or the river if you don’t care about the environment, or if you don’t mind fish flitting between your legs. But there’s no need to go to bed dirty or feel soapy after an unsatisfying “shower” from a gravity-fed bag. Once you feel what it’s like to really wash away the grime with one of these showers, you won’t want to go back to the way things were.


There isn’t a better way to enjoy the great outdoors than spending time out in nature camping. However, if we do this off-grid and away from campsites keeping clean can be a challenge. Fortunately, from the range of great portable camping showers above, there is a suitable solution for anyone in need of a shower on the go.

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