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The 5 Best Zero Gravity Chairs on the Market Today [Buying Guide]

More and more people are finding out about the benefits of zero gravity chairs. From campers to people with back pain or anyone interested in comfort and a good night’s sleep zero gravity chairs offer a lot of pluses. But what are zero gravity chairs? What benefits do zero gravity chairs offer? Are zero gravity chairs good for your back? Do they really work? And what else should you look out for when buying zero gravity chairs?

In this post, we will take you through the answers to these questions and more so you can confidently choose the right zero gravity chair for your needs. We will also give you the ins and outs about 5 of our favorite zero gravity chairs for different budgets and needs.

Our Top Picks

Best outdoor zero gravity chairs: Timber Ridge’s Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

For people looking for a zero gravity chair designed for tall people who love to recline. This is one hell of a comfortable chair that is great for posture.

Best indoor zero gravity chairs: Human Touch’s Hand-Crafted Perfect Leather Chair

For a top of the range indoor zero gravity chair, there is nowhere else to look. This hand-crafted chair mad with leather is head and shoulders above anything else out there on the market.

Best zero gravity chair for camping: Goplus’s 2 Piece Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

For those looking for the best deals on zero gravity chairs for camping, this 2 piece set is unbeatable for price and packs away easily.

Best zero gravity massage chair: Real Relax’s Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

For a stylish indoor zero gravity chair with massage settings. This Shiatsu ready chair is great for people with back pain, reasonably priced, and will look great in any home.

Best zero gravity chair for sleeping: iDealBed’s 3i Adjustable Bed Base with Zero Gravity Comfort Positions

For the best night’s sleep provided by zero gravity, this zero gravity bed is no chair but will leave you feeling fully refreshed.

Buying Guide: What to look out for when purchasing best zero gravity chairs

So what features do you need to consider when buying a zero gravity chair? Here, we outline what they are, what benefits they can offer, what types of zero gravity chairs there are, and where to find replacement parts for zero gravity chairs.

What does a zero gravity chair mean?

Whilst zero gravity chairs don’t defy the laws of physics, they do position you in such a way that the force of gravity does not act on your body. Originally designed by NASA, zero gravity chairs evenly distribute the body’s weight across the chair itself. When reclined in a zero gravity chair you will find yourself in a position that mimics lift off. This position helps to prevent any force of gravity acting on your body was important for astronauts on space missions due to the fact that gravity increases whilst rockets escape the gravitational pull of the Earth.

What are the benefits of zero gravity chairs?

To achieve the zero gravity position you will need to elevate your feet to be parallel with your heart. Sitting in this position aims to reduce the time your body spends under the strains and stresses of gravity which can have a toll on people’s bodies. Other benefits associated with the reclined seating position in a zero gravity chair are:

Do zero gravity chairs really work?

The short answer, is yes. The zero gravity position really does impose the minimal amount of gravitational force on the human body. As a result, pressure is genuinely minimized on the body when in the zero-gravity position. As such, there is the potential for genuine relief from all sorts of aches and pains provided by a zero gravity chair.

Improved circulation also genuinely occurs as a result of the legs being level with the heart. This makes it easier for the heart to pump blood around the body, reducing cardiovascular strain. You may also feel more energized as more oxygen gets delivered across your body. This also has the effect of providing relief to muscles that are tired. Improved circulation can have positive reductions in the effect of high blood pressure as well as things like diabetes.

What is the best brand of zero gravity chairs?

The best choice zero gravity chairs are those offering full zero gravity positioning. Top brands in the zero gravity world include Timber Ridge and Human Touch who have been around for years producing high quality zero gravity chairs. Newcomers like Real Relax and iDealBeds are also offering innovative new ways to reap the rewards of zero gravity with massage chairs and beds.

What types of zero gravity chair are there?

Not all zero gravity chairs are created equal and, depending on your needs, some may or may not be suitable. If you want to take a zero gravity with you on a camping trip, then portability is going to be the major consideration. You will need to find one designed for outdoor use that easily folds away. If you need one for the office, living room, or study, then an indoor option will likely meet your requirements. However, indoor zero gravity chairs tend to be expensive. For people with back pain, a massage chair may well be beneficial. However, these also cost a lot more than basic zero gravity chairs used in the outdoors.

Where can I get replacement parts for zero gravity chairs?

Whilst you want to ensure the zero gravity chair you choose comes with a decent warranty that covers part replacement, if this runs out, you can still easily find replacement parts. Things like replacement lacing, bungees, and cords for outdoor variants can be found in most large stores and online. When it comes to indoor chairs, you will likely need to take it to a specialist retailer with experience fixing the specific brand of chair you have chosen.

Top 5 best zero gravity chairs Reviews

So now you know a bit about how to find the best choice products zero gravity chairs, the best place to buy zero gravity chairs, and what are the major benefits of zero gravity chairs. Here, we outline 5 of our favorite zero gravity chairs for different needs and budgets.

#1 Best outdoor zero gravity chairs: Timber Ridge’s Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair

If you are looking for a budget chair then this not the best price on zero gravity chairs out there. However, if you are on the hunt for the best zero gravity chair for a tall person, love to be able to fully recline, and have a healthy budget, then this is the chair for you. With a padded headrest and padded arms, this is a super comfy chair ideal for use in the great outdoors thanks to quick drying times.

Other pros about this zero gravity chair for outside are that: it can hold up to 350lbs in weight; it has levers which simply and reliably lock into place so you don’t ever get sent flying; it is comfortable whether you are fully reclined or in a seated position and the most comfortable chair on this list, and; it is has a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The downsides of this chair are that it is pricey for an outdoor chair and it is very large.

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#2 Best zero gravity chair for camping: Goplus’s 2 Piece Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

If you are looking for a good set of zero gravity camping chairs but don’t have a huge budget, then this 2-piece is for you. The easy lock and unlock system allows you to recline low enough to elevate your legs above your heart, good for comfort and blood flow. The steel and aluminum frame is sturdy, strong, and lightweight making it the ideal chair to take away with you camping.

Other good things about this set of camping zero gravity chairs are that: it can hold up to 300lbs in weight; it comes with a handy cupholder to help you stay relaxing for longer; they stack together well making them easy to pack away when clearing up camp, and; the comfy mesh-lined seat is super quick to dry. The downside of this two-piece zero-gravity chair set is that they don’t recline to be fully flat or as far as some others on this list.

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Best zero gravity chairs near for camping

#3 Best indoor zero gravity chairs: Human Touch’s Hand-Crafted Perfect Leather Chair

If you are on the hunt for the best quality zero gravity chairs for indoor use, then you don’t have to look further than this handily titled ‘perfect chair’. Built with hand-carved wood and made with premium leather. However, this chair comes at a heavy price and requires a serious investment. If you can afford it, that gives you access to a zero gravity chair fit for astronauts and NASA.

Other things that make this the best zero gravity office chair or relaxation chair are that: it has a smooth release reclining lever that eases you into the perfect position for comfort; it fosters relaxation through improved breathing; it has an articulating headrest; it is customizable in a number of ways with regards to design, and; it improves blood flow when fully reclined. The downside of this chair is the high cost, although it is built to last and fosters good health.

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#4 Best zero gravity massage chair: Real Relax’s Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

If you are looking for one of the best rated zero gravity chairs for massage, then you won’t be disappointed with this chair skilled in the art of Shiatsu. Suitable for use as a lounge chair to relax and watch TV in. With a stylish and to pamper yourself with a spa day at home. This zero gravity chair for massage ticks a lot of the right boxes and is very reasonably priced for what it offers.

Other things to shout about regarding this massaging zero gravity chair are that: it has built-in Bluetooth audio play settings to add an extra level of relaxation; it has 3 handy zero gravity settings (initial, comfort, and deep) to help you feel weightless; it has a built-in heater for your feet and lower back making it the best zero gravity chair for lower back pain, and; you can adjust the massage settings too. The downside of this chair is that it is only suitable for people up to 6ft-1.

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Best zero gravity chairs near for back pain

#5 Best zero gravity chair for sleeping: iDealBed’s 3i Adjustable Bed Base with Zero Gravity Comfort Positions

Whether you struggle with back pain or getting a good night’s sleep, this impressive er gravity chair bed could solve all of your problems. Sleeping in a zero gravity position helps you get to sleep quicker, recover from insomnia, reduces neck and back problems, and improves breathing patterns whilst sleeping. This wireless zero gravity chair bed for sleeping is made with impressive technology at an affordable price.

Other pluses about this zero gravity bed are that: it is wireless and simply controlled by an 8 button remote; it silently glides between positions; it can hold up to 850lbs of weight; it has a whopping10 year manufacture warranty and is designed and made in the USA; it is incredibly comfy, and; it can be set to completely flat if needed. The downside of this zero gravity chair is that it is not really a chair!

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Zero gravity chairs offer a range of benefits beyond making you feel like an astronaut. From improved circulation to reduced back pain, faster muscle recovery times, and a better night’s sleep, zero gravity chairs have impressive health benefits alongside being exceptionally comfortable. Our five picks above have something for everyone and any budget looking to see for themselves how good zero gravity chairs are.

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