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Best Camp Pillow for Side Sleepers: Guide and Reviews 2022

Camp pillows are brought for sleeping purposes during outdoor activities. There are three common types of camp pillows – compressible, inflatable and hybrid. These pillows are especially designed to be easy to bring along and pack. Nonetheless, they provide excellent comfort during your sleep.

Compressible pillows are made with soft feathers and synthetic fibers. On the other hand, inflatable pillows require air to be blown into the bag before it can be used. It is portable as it requires minimal space when deflated. Nonetheless, it presents issues when it comes to comfort. Hybrid pillows aims to provide comfort and portability by bridging the gap between the other two pillow types.

NameOur RatingPrice
TETON Sports Camp Pillow - 18x12 inch4*$
ONWEGO Inflatable Air Pillow - 20x12 inch4.5*$$
Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow - 16x12 inch4.5*$$
Sea To Summit Inflatable Air Pillow 14x10 inch4*$$$
Nemo Fillo™ Pillow 10x8 inch4.5*$$$

Why do you need a pillow in camping?

Sleeping away from your regular bed may be tough as it provides you ambiance and comfort. With this, you may find it hard to sleep outside the comfort of your home. Camp pillow aid campers to have a comfortable sleep while still being portable at the same time. With this, the campers need not to worry about bringing a regular bulky people which may hinder you from being mobile all the time.

At the end of every tiring day, you need a sound sleep. But how can you do this without your regular pillows and bed? The main purpose of bringing along camp pillow is to allow the user to feel comfortable when sleeping outdoors. Furthermore, it should be lightweight as to not add much weight to your baggage. However, sometimes it presents a challenge when getting the best of both qualities.

What are the top 5 camp pillow reviews?

There are a lot of camp pillows in the market in today’s time. Most consumers have already experiences their benefits during their camping travels. Here are five (5) camp pillows which you may consider to bring along with you on your next trip.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow

This pillow is make from the high-quality foam used in constructing therm-a-rest sleeping pads. They are fluffy and comfortable to use without sacrificing the portability. You can easily bring it along with you as it packs small but expands bigger. Most consumers think that it might be too high for one’s neck. Nonetheless, it will adjust after a few uses. It can be packed up to a fifth of its normal size which is 18 by 14 inches.

It is perfect for camping, car trips and airplane travel. Cleaning it is easy as it is machine washable. It will last a long time even after multiple washes. It is made in the USA. Thus, you are guaranteed that this product has a good quality. Here are some of its specifications.

Teton Sports camp pillow

Perfect for side sleepers, this pillow is light weight and can be packed using a stuff sack. It uses SuperLoft Elite 4-channel fiber fill which exhibits great loft even after multiple uses. Moreover, it has a surface with brushed P5 poly hi-count that will not stick to you when in use. The only con that most consumers identified is that the size of this pillow is relatively small. Nonetheless, you are guaranteed with a double-brushed finish for comfort and softness.

If you are picky with your design, you are provided options as it has coordinating patterns with Teton Sports Sleeping bags. It also comes along with an envelope-style pillow case that is machine washable. Teton Sports offers great customer service. Upon purchasing this pillow, you are provided with limited lifetime warranty. Here are some of its specifications:

Onwego Pillow

This self-inflating pillow is a must-have for people who are side sleepers and always on-the-go. It easily inflates and compresses in seconds. With a simple twist of the safety-lock air valve, it begins to inflate up to 50% firmness. It is easy to store inside its stuff stack and does not take too much space. It is light and portable. Thus, it will not be hassle to bring along during your trip.

This pillow is designed with a pillow-top material. On the other hand, its interior is filled with plush foam, making it comfortable to use when sleeping. Moreover, it has a contoured center which supports your neck while cradling your head. You can adjust the firmness of the pillow by blowing into the air pillow’s valve. Deflating is as easy as opening the valve and rolling the pillow towards the opening of the valve.

Since Onwego values their customers so much, they are throwing in an additional Onwego Pillow case which adds an extra level of comfort. Here are its specifications for your reference.


Sea to Summit camp pillow

This ultra-light pillow provides portability to users without sacrificing the comfort. Designed with curved internal baffles, this pillow has contours that cradle your head well. Moreover, it has a scalloped bottom edge which adjusts and centers you as you lay on different positions.

It is made with high-strength thermosplastic polyurethane (TPU) bladder with durable RF-welded construction laminate. This guarantees you with high quality camp pillow that can last after multiple uses. Inflating the pillow is easy as you only need a couple of breaths on the multi-functional valve. You also do not need to worry packing it as it includes a stuff sack. Here are some of its specifications.

Nemo Fillo

This product is a hybrid camp pillow which provides comfort and portability. It is a compressible pillow but its loft can be adjusted by inflating it. It is a great way to pack the product as it does not need too much space in your bag. With this, you are assured of a good night sleep and light weight baggage on trips.

It has a baffled inflating sack at the bottom and a layer of memory foam on top. These materials are held in place by a sturdy mesh net. These are encased in an outer shell made of polyester and microsuede. It is also designed with a built-in stuff sack, so you need not to worry about packing it. Here are some of its specifications:

What are the things to look for in a camp pillow?

Camp pillows are essential for your travel especially camping trips. Here are some of the things you need to consider when purchasing a camp pillow.


Finding the right camp pillow is not an easy task. Thus, you must consider the comfort that it provides by inspecting the material where it is made. Several pillows are made from nylon, fleece, polyester, cotton, etc. The best materials are cotton and polyester because they provide the most comfort and most similarity to bedroom pillows.


One of the key considerations when getting camp pillow is its weight. If you are traveling only for a few days or near the location, you can be lenient in this category. Otherwise, it is important to get a lightweight pillow if you are always on the go.

Pillows that are inflatable are relatively lighter than compressible ones. Though lighter, the ease of use is affected. Should you want a product that falls between comfort and lightweight, hybrid pillows are the best option.


This category is measured by how firm the pillow is. It should support your head and neck to have an ache-free on the next days ahead. You should know that your preferred sleeping position is considered when selecting the support you need. This will help you avoid neck pain after sleeping.

For sleepers lying flat on their stomach, you may get a flatter cushion with minimal support. On the other hand, those who sleep on the side need a pillow with more support to keep their back aligned. Lastly, people who sleep on their backs can use support in their middle region.

Packing size

The camp pillows provide the best comfort without taking up too much space in your baggage. With this, you must decide whether to prioritize comfort over its packing size and weight. Getting the appropriate packing size of the camp pillow can help you start to get going on your trip. The camp pillow is ultralight and easy to pack even in small bags.

User friendliness

Every camper’s dilemma is having that extra work to set-up and use their equipment and materials such as camp pillows. Thus, it is important to consider the ease of setting up, packing up, cleaning and drying out of camp pillows. Also, we need to take into account how well it stays in place when being used.

A great functionality of several pillows is having an attached stuff sack. In this way, you do not need to worry about losing your stuff sack every use. We recommend you to get easy to wash pillows.


If you purchase a product, you must be assured that you can use it for a long time. Therefore, you should find a pillow whose manufacturer offers warranty for a certain period of time. With this, you can reach them whenever you experience issues when using their products.

What are the types of camp pillows?

There are basically two types of camp pillows – compressible and inflatable. Compressible pillows are stuffed with filling packs such as synthetic fills and foam. It is fluffy and offers great comfort when used.

On the other hand, inflatable pillows require air to create a loft. Though it may offer less comfort when used, this type is known to be lightweight and portable. Moreover, it can easily adjust to your sleeping position, preventing neck and backaches.

What are the benefits of camp pillows?

Camp pillows provide a number of benefits. They are offer comfort whenever you need a good rest after a long day of adventure and activities. Here are some of the benefits you may get from using camp pillows.

  1. It helps you enjoy your holiday by giving you comfort when you need to sleep. Furthermore, since most pillows are portable, you can easily bring it along with you.
  2. You can get a good sleep even outside your trusty bed. You will no longer twist and turn just to get into the right sleeping position.
  3. Having a good night sleep may help you reduce tiredness. Most pillows adjust your position to give you the best comfort. Thus, it helps you relax after a long and tiring day.
  4. Some pillows have contours which cradle and support your head and neck. With this, you may experience the reduction of neck pain after having a good sleep.
  5. camp pillows are light weight and easy to bring along. You need not stress over heavy baggage.

What important questions should you ponder on?

As a consumer, you do not need to fret when choosing a camp pillow. Here are some of the most common questions asked by pillow buyers.

Does a camp pillow cause allergy problems?

You should now that some pillow types have material that may cause allergic reactions to users. Thus, it is important to check the fabric first before purchasing one. Moreover, it is recommended to clean your pillow after every trip you bring it along.

What type of camp pillow do you prefer?

When it comes to comfort, compressible pillows have a little edge over inflatable pillows as they are filled with different types of fill material. Though compressible pillows provide the utmost comfort, the inflatable pillows offer the best support. This is due to the fact that these pillows adjust according to your sleeping position. They are also relatively lighter and can easily be packed.

How do you clean and maintain a camp pillow?

Check the label first to check if it can be machine washed. If it is, you can start by pouring a mild detergent on the washing machine. Run the washing cycle on cold water before putting the pillow on it. Dry it using a regular clothes dryer. You can throw in dryer balls or spiky rubber balls to allow the pillow to fluff.

For hand washing, will a basin with water. Soak a rag with a little detergent on the water. Rub the rag against the pillow until fully cleaned. Get another rag soaked only in water and wipe off the detergent on the pillow. Allow the pillow to air dry.

Make sure that you do not wash the pillow too much as it may affect the loft and texture of the fabric. With this, you can maintain the state of the pillow and it can last even after multiple uses.

Get your camp pillow now!

Camp pillows are great for adventure seekers, hikers and campers. They offer comfort and a good sleep after a tiring day. However, regular pillows are hard to pack and heavy to bring along. Nonetheless, you should choose the one which can provide you both comfort and portability.

With this, you are encouraged to get inflatable camp pillows. These are light weight, easy to pack and user- friendly. They are the best addition to your travels as it provides comfort and support to your head and neck. You are assured of a good sleep to allow you to keep going on the next day ahead.

Make your camping activities more enjoyable and comfortable with the help of a camp pillow. Not only are camp pillows affordable, but they are also very easy to use and lightweight. Sleeping in the wilderness will become an awesome experience with the help of a camp pillow!

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