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Best Camping Multi Tool 2021 [Review]: What Should Be Prepared When Camping?

The best camping multi tool is really essential for a camping, survival or long trip. It is compact, not bulky and most of all, it contains all the useful tools for you.

Nowadays, people go camping more and more and the demand for good multi tool camping also increases. That is why we did research on multi tool in camping and selected a list of the best.

We have researched a lot of outdoor camping multi tool from different manufacturers to choose the ideal one. It may not contain your favorite brand but it contains our most objective reviews.


Top 6 Best Camping Multi Tool 2021 [Review]

#1 Gerber Gear Truss Multitool (Editor’s Choice)

This Gerber multi tool camping deserved the first spot on our list. It has many advantages and we hardly found any inconvenience that this camping tool brings.

This multi tool includes a total of 17 different tools. 17 tools are the most essential and basic tools for any camping or survival trip: wire cutters, strippers, normal pliers, spring-loaded needle-nose pliers, a can and bottle opener, a saw, various screwdrivers, awl, a serrated blade, a straight blade.

You can also rest assured about the safety of this multi tool camping, it is designed to be safe to not hurt your hands. This model is also lightweight so you can even keep it in your pocket.

It also comes at an affordable price compared to its quality. Overall, we do not find any serious defect with this model.

#2 Victorinox Swiss Army Swisstool Spirit X (with Leather Pouch)

We love the neatness and flexibility of this model. It includes 27 different stainless steel tools, high strength and light weight.

This camping multi tool also has a compact design, logically arranged tools to bring convenience and safety to users. Furthermore, it comes with a leather pouch so you can easily carry it around and quickly take it out at any time.

We also appreciate the slide lock mechanism of this camping multi tool. It works with high quality while still ensuring user safety.

Overall, this is a model with outstanding quality and high durability. But it comes at a pretty high price point.

#3 LEATHERMAN Signal Camping Multitool (Always On Hand)

LEATHERMAN is a renowned manufacturer for versatile pocket tools that perform extremely well and have impressive durability. And this model from them is a camping multi tool that we appreciate, especially suitable for fire starting.

This camping multi tool includes 19 tools, we didn’t want to spend too long to list them because the producer provided a lot of detailed information. These tools are working very well, made from quality materials so they have a long service life.

It has a compact, traditional design that is easy to put in your pocket so it’s always within your reach. Those tools are specially designed for outdoor survival as you can start from the very basics of fire.

However, we found that its pliers grip would be uncomfortable with long use. Our hands became sore after using this camping multi tool for a few hours.

#4 Rose Kuli 7” Portable Multipurpose Multitool (13.6 Ounces)

With its unique design, this camping multi tool from Rose Kuli impressed us at first sight. Its design is a combination of pliers, hammers and axes, providing the most flexibility and convenience for the user.

This model includes many different tools for your camping or survival. You won’t realize how important a hammer is until you don’t find any stones around the campsite. Although this hammer is a bit small compared to conventional hammers, it is enough to help you secure the pile of the tent.

We also loved that this camping multi tool comes with a cheap price. Compared to its performance quality and durability, this price is really cheap.

However we do not really like the pliers of this camping multi tool. It is fiddly and not as good quality as other tools.

#5 SOG Multitool Pliers Pocket Tool (Aluminum Material)

This pocket multi tool from SOG is an ideal model for both indoor and outdoor use. It includes a total of 21 tools with different roles for you to apply in a variety of situations. Camping or survival is no longer too difficult when you have this multi tool.

It is cheaper than the high-segment camping multi tool but its quality is quite similar. In general compared to models in the middle segment, this model has outstanding quality.

With the classic design, you will not have difficulty getting used to this camping multi tool. The tools are neatly arranged, it is not difficult to slide them out of their original position and vice versa.

Besides, this pliers are also equipped with a complex lever system so you don’t need to use a lot of strength, helping to reduce the pressure on your hands.

However since this model combines aluminum and stainless steel, we don’t appreciate its longevity.

#6 KUSONKEY Multitool Camping (Safety Lock)

KUSONKEY is not a famous fruit producer but this camping multi tool from them deserves your trust and investment. It also comes at a cheap price compared to what you get.

This camping multi tool is made of metal and has quite an attractive appearance. Its sturdy design and construction are also a plus. The combination of hammer, ax and pliers will make your camp or survival much simpler.

It includes 16 tools for certain roles. These tools are carefully arranged to create the neatest possible. Moreover, they all have safety locks to protect you from accidents when using or carrying it in your pocket.

Another plus of this camping multi tool is that it comes with a fabric cover to keep it safe while on the go.

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What Should Be Prepared When Camping?

#1 Tent

One of the things for the camping is the camping tent. This is a place where you can rest and relax during the day or all night. Furthermore, they are especially meaningful for journeys that last many days.

Owning a large and good tent will help you get a full sleep after a tiring time. In addition, choosing the right product will help you avoid the dangers of the attack of wild animals as well as the impacts from the weather such as rain, storm, wind, dust, etc.

To meet the needs of use, nowadays there are many types of tents with compact sizes, shapes and weight. So it will be very easy to take with you in every trip. Some popular products can be mentioned as:

2-person tent: Maximum of 2 people can be used for couples or couples.

3-person tent: Accommodates 3 people. This type is suitable for groups of friends or family.

4 people tent: Can accommodate 4 people.  It is very suitable for groups of friends or family.

For groups of tourists going camping in large numbers, choose tents with large capacity to save costs. However, you should use it on areas with grass or flat soil. In addition, do not place it near runoff lines as it is likely to be seeped if it rains for a long time.

#2 Sleeping bag

One of the indispensable camping tools to give you a good night’s sleep is the sleeping bag. Normally, our country’s outdoor temperature at night is quite different from daytime. Therefore, sleeping bags play a very important role in the picnic.

However, you need to make sure your tools are able to retain heat and are waterproof. This will make sure your body is kept warm. Sleeping bags come in different types:

Sleeping bags for winter and summer

Single, double sleeping bag

Sleeping bags used in tents, outdoors

So when you want to choose a sleeping bag, you should depend on your needs to find a suitable match. However, you should pay attention to the manufacturer’s note about the recommended temperature range and to compare it with outdoor heat. This helps you to adjust the most appropriate heat level.

#3 Camping furniture set

A camping item that you cannot forget is the camping table and chairs bulky? However, now you are completely assured because there are many products designed for trips. This set of tables and chairs for camping or picnic can be folded or removed for convenience. In particular, it will bring you interesting and varied experiences in the journey.

A picnic table makes your trip polite and convenient. You can use containers for different objects. It is also a place where you can read or work if needed. In addition, the furniture will also help you have a clean and polite dining space.

#4 Cooking set

Essential camping tools cannot help but mention the stove. You can choose from a mini gas stove or an alcohol stove depending on the weather and the trip.

These are devices that help you prepare for meals, especially in locations where charcoal or firewood cannot be found. Usually alcohol stoves will be cheaper and the fire is not as large as gas stoves.

Besides, not all places are available with food service. Therefore, the cooking pot is a perfect solution for the picnic equipment. Especially in desolate hilly places and without service.

#5 Multitool

Certainly, camping multi tool cannot be enjoyed, it will help you solve many problems with just one lightweight tool that can fit in your pocket. Believe us, it would be a lot more leisurely to have a camping multi tool during your trip.

Final Verdict

Before camping, you need to prepare all the essentials to make your trip more leisurely and quiet. Note that you should choose tools that are as compact as possible so that you do not take much effort when carrying them with you.

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