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The Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

No matter the type of hunting, a good hunter will need a quality pair of gloves in order to perform at their best. Hunting gloves aren’t only designed for style (while that can be an added benefit), nor are they only designed to keep hands warm in freezing temperatures, they also work to prevent injuries in the field. Here is something you need to consider to choose the best cold weather hunting gloves.

Kind of Hunting Gloves

There are several differing hunting gloves to discuss before choosing which style is the best fit for hunters around the globe:

#1 Fingerless Gloves

Originally used in the Middle Ages and were the best hunting gloves for cold weather, however with advanced technology these gloves are better suited for temperate to warm weather. For proper accuracy and safety purposes fingerless gloves should not be warn in cold weather.

Fingerless gloves allow an individual to feel what they are doing, while providing protection for the palm and top of the hand. Since the user’s fingers are not wrapped in material complicated tasks are easier to perform. These styling of gloves often come with textured padding on the palms and can also include knuckle guards for increased grip.

#2 Full Gloves

Full gloves may be the best cold weather shooting gloves, as long the material isn’t packed too thick around the fingers. This style of glove covers the fingers, hand, and wrist and is designed for versatility, often constructed from a variety of materials.

Depending on the fabric used these gloves can be worn during any season and the top quality gloves are flexible enough to allow the user to perform a number of tasks.

#3 Mittens

Not often considered when hunters think about the best cold weather hunting gloves, but many manufactures now design mittens to allow easier use for hunters. Most pairs can now fold back to reveal gloves which allow for further range of motion, versatile use, and increased functionality.

Convertible mittens are typically developed from wool, and are actually exceptional for cold weather hunting. These mittens give the advantage of warmth, while allowing the fingers to operate without the detracting effects of cold weather.

#4 Riding and Falconry Gloves

While not as prominent as past centuries, some hunters to this day use horses as part of their hunting excursions. These hunters need specialty riding gloves that are typically constructed from leather and at times wool, they are designed to protect the riders hand from friction of the reigns, and allowing full range of movement in the fingers.

Some hunters still use falcons, and they also need a special glove to do so safely. Falconry gloves are made from thick leather, and come with a metal guard used to safely tether the bird. Neither of these styling of gloves are recommended for traditional cold weather hunters, but are useful in rare cases.

Best Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

When investigating the following three hunting gloves a number of questions came to mind. Each have their positive features, however only one receives the seal of approval for its dexterity, functionality, and durability.

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger/Fingerless Gloves Pro Anti-Slip Camo Realtree Glove Archery Accessories Hunting Outdoors (M) (L) (L)from $10.88
Decoy Glove Mediumfrom $23.14
SITKA Gear Gradient Glovefrom $35.00
Glacier Glove Pro Waterfowler Waterproof Neoprene Gloves Max 5 Mediumfrom $27.39
DecoyPro Touchscreen Lightweight Hunting Gloves for Men Camo - Textured Grip Palm Camo Gloves for Men Hunting - Soft Lining Mens Hunting Gloves - One Size Fits Most L to XL Camo Gloves Huntingfrom $14.97
Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves (Realtree APG HD)from $10.98
Glacier Glove Aleutian Full-Fingered Neoprene Fleece Lined Glove (Max 5 Medium)from $19.99
Eamber Camouflage Hunting Gloves Full Finger Gloves Warm Windproof Gloves with Anti-Slip Palm Camo Realtree Glove Archery Accessories Hunting Outdoors for Men and Womenfrom $11.88
SPIKA Camouflage Hunting Fingerless Gloves Military Tactical Half Finger Glove for Hunting Driving Padding Climbing L-XLfrom $25.99
North Mountain Gear - Hunting Gloves for Men Camo - Lightweight with Smartphone Compatible Fingers and Sure Grip Palm - Fall Brownfrom $9.99
Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Waterproof Insulated Glovefrom $20.18
Primos Stretch-Fit Gloves with Sure-Grip and Extended Cuff Mossy Oak New Break-Upfrom $10.65
Hot Shot Men's Camo Defender Glove - Mossy Oak Outdoor Hunting Camouflage Gearfrom $17.99
Outdoor Research Men's Adrenaline Mitts Black Largefrom $45.35
Under Armour Men's ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves Realtree Ap-Xtra (946)/Velocity Largefrom $99.95

#1 Outdoor Research Men’s Adrenaline Mitts

These mitts are well reviewed along with providing comfort, safety, and warmth. These gloves are known for their ability to keep users hands warm for hours on end without needing to use hand warmers in cold weather climates. However, they are far from the best cold weather hunting gloves on the market.

The main reason being that these mittens do not allow the wearer to shoot as their fingers are not able to move free, anyone attempting to fire a weapon with these mittens will be in for a dire struggle. Unfortunately, for hunting purposes these mittens would have to be worn with glove liners in order to allow to hunter to fire at all.

The obvious issues surrounding that process is the time wasted in taking off the mittens in order to fire a weapon. Therefore, despite the Ice Armor 8522’s ability to keep users hands warm, these gloves are rendered rather useless when it comes to actually hunting with them. Mittens of this ilk are best used for keeping hands warm and not for completing tasks.

#2 Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves

Under Armour is a brand name with a reputation for making quality products, how do their full primer gloves hold up? There have been several mentions of the gloves lack of comfort in extreme weather, and that they do not hold up well in freezing temperatures; however they remain functional cold weather hunting gloves.

These gloves lose favorability on how thick they are, despite not being able to hold up in extreme temperatures. The thickness of the glove makes hunting slightly more difficult, but not an impossible task. Do not be fooled by the name brand, there are better gloves out there for cold weather climates.

However, if you are hunting in warmer weather this glove can be suitable for the price range. Even still there are gloves out there that are less thick and allow more dexterity for the fingers than the Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves offer. Overall these are decent to average hunting gloves; expectations should be tempered for experienced hunters who shop for top quality equipment.

#3 Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove

By far the best cold weather gloves for hunting on our list; they are also the best gloves for cold weather period. These gloves have received mix reviews, but most of which state these gloves can hold up in near zero degree Fahrenheit weather—which is perfect for hunters in cold weather areas.

They may not provide the tightest fit, yet they do provide a waterproof experience which allows the hands to breathe and remain comfortable. For the price of the gloves they are a relative steal and are everything a hunter could ask for.

The only real concern with the Glacier Glove Alaska Pro is how the hold up to wear and tear over time, but again for the price that isn’t that huge of a concern. These full gloves provide protection, warmth, and all for full functional use of the fingers while they are worn.


Typically hunters will have to spend far more money for this level of quality in a glove, which is preciously why we recommend it over the others on our list. The order we rate the gloves is the following:

  1. Glacier Glove Alaska Pro Camo Waterproof Insulated Glove
  2. Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Infrared Scent Control 2.0 Primer Gloves
  3. Outdoor Research Men’s Adrenaline Mitts

In all honesty the Outdoor Research Men’s Adrenaline Mitts gloves should not even be considered for hunting as there are dozens of better options. The Under Armour ColdGrear Primer Gloves are acceptable if a hunter is in a pitch, but they simply do not hold up in comparison to the Glacier Glove Alaska Pro full gloves.When hunters select their glove of choice they deserve to precise information available to them, we encourage hunters to do their own research so they do not end up spending unnecessary money on equipment that simply doesn’t live up to the quality they demand.



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