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Best Inflatable Air Lounges Reviews 2021

Just look at the photos of these inflatable air loungers. Imagine the silky exterior covered with rip-stop nylon. It’s not sticky and sweaty–it doesn’t feel plastic like a pool float. It’s not flat like an air mattress. It’s a sofa you can share with friends at a concert. It’s a bed on the beach while you gaze at the sunset. If you have no hammock and no trees, there’s no problem! The lounger cradles you comfortably as you relax in your own backyard.

The 3 best inflatable air loungers in this review all support up weights to 350 pounds or more, so you can enjoy them with someone special. They don’t need an air pump to inflate, and you won’t have to wear out your lungs to fill them. They stay inflated for a few hours, then you can top them off, or pack them up and carry them with you. None of them weigh more than 4 pounds and they all come with tote bags.

People are taking these self-inflatable air lounges to all sorts of places and all kinds of events because they’re so comfortable, easy to transport, and quick to set up. Let’s look at the top three loungers to see which one is the best deal for you.

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Chillbo Baggins ****$$$ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
ChillaX Air Lounger****$$$ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
#rowspan#Vansky Outdoor Inflatable Lounger****$$ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Lamzac Hangout***$$$ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE
Live Infinitely****$$ CLICK TO SEE LOWEST PRICE

The Gaduge Air Lounger

Update Today only for the TheOutdoorland audience : Gaduge has launch new inflatable lounger and will be offering a big discount only until tomorrow midnight.


Air lounges and inflatable sofas have reached critical mass. Just when you can’t decide which is the best simply because there are so many of them on the market…along comes the one you’ve been waiting for. The Gaduge Air Lounger combines all the most-wanted features into one very comfortable package.

There’s so much to love that we’re not sure where to start. Do we begin by telling how it has the most durable inner liner on the market? Or how about its perfectly designed headrest? Do we gush about the way it stays inflated for hours without needing a refill? Or do we mention the handy extras like the built-in bottle opener, the phone pockets, and the loop and stake for securing the lounger to the ground? Heck, even the carrying bag is awesome!

Let’s start at the beginning. Here is a quick overview of all the best features of the Gaduge Air Lounger. It’s like a wish list that’s finally been granted.

Highlights of the Gaduge lounge:

As you can see, Gaduge must have checked out the competition before they designed their inflatable lounger. They’ve thought of everything–all the best features of the top-selling lounges are right here.

An in-depth look at the specifications of this top quality inflatable lounge

We mentioned that the Gaduge Air Lounger has an inner liner made of durable polyethylene. This material is resistant to impact and is virtually impermeable, absorbing no water. Combined with a ripstop nylon shell, it’s rugged enough to take on a variety of terrains.

This is where the Gaduge lounger stands out. Many other brands of loungers use cheaper material inside their products. Their inflatables might last for a few uses, then they will stop retaining air. But the Gaduge air lounge is built for repeated enjoyment. It’s safer and it’s stronger.

Part of what makes it stronger is that there are actually two tubes inside. You’ll need to fill them one at a time with air. But this is a feature, not a downer. While it might take a minute longer to inflate, this design helps the lounge retain air for longer. Plus, it gives better support to the user. And no need to worry, the instructions for how to inflate it are written in simple and clear English with illustrations, too.

Another cool feature is the carrying bag. It fits both the lounger as well as the stake used for securing it. The exterior of the sack has an extra pocket for a little extra gear, and straps so you can sling it over your shoulders.

Speaking of pockets, the ones located on either side of the lounge are both 6.69 inches deep. One is almost 15 inches wide, while the other is a little narrower and divided into two pockets. As you can imagine, there’s plenty of space for a variety of things there, like your headphones, smartphone, or an e-reader.

As you can see, it’s like the Gaduge product engineers considered all those other loungers and made a list of all the things that people love about them. Then they made their own dream lounge from their list.

This is the air lounger worth buying

Forget your old air mattress and your folding lawn chairs. You can take the Gaduge Air Lounger to the beach or sit in the sunshine by the pool. It doesn’t mind getting wet. It floats! The polyethylene inner liner resists waterlogging.

With up to 6 hours before it needs a refill of air, you can sit comfortably through back-to-back band sets on stage. You can use it as a guest bed in a pinch, or take it camping in the mountains. It’s perfect for a marathon gaming session at home, too.

The next time you feel like enjoying the great outdoors, bring this lounger with you. It’s much more convenient, portable, and comfortable than pretty much any outdoor furniture we’ve ever seen. And since it comes in 8 different colors, you can match it to your mood or your personality.

Yes, we’re geeking out over this one! Plus, we discovered a secret. Gaduge has a 99% off coupon for their Power Users to get pre-release products. Check out their Facebook page for details.

Finally, if you’re not completely delighted with the air lounge, Gaduge offers a money-back satisfaction guarantee. This ensures that you aren’t risking anything by trying their product, and it’s a far better deal than many other companies offer.

ChillaX Air Lounger

It’s summertime and you need to chill out in an inflatable lounger. Is the ChillaX the air lounge of your dreams? Let’s take a closer look and see.

One of the best features of the ChillaX is something very simple. You might overlook it unless you’ve already had some experience with inflatable lounge chairs. Glance at both ends of the bag. See the headrest? Many brands don’t bother including a headrest into their designs, but it’s important. This one detail makes the lounger more comfortable when you’re lying down.

The ChillaX also has other thoughtful features to keep your stuff close at hand. It has pockets on the sides. One is divided into two part. The first is the perfect size for a can of soda, a water bottle, or a beer. The next section is large enough for your tablet, an e-reader, or a magazine. The other side has a pocket that fits your smartphone.

If it’s a windy day, you can use the loop and included aluminum stake to secure the ChillaX lounger to the ground. It also has a built-in bottle opener.

And if it’s a windy day, it’ll be easier to inflate the air lounge. But you don’t need wind or a fan or an air pump to fill it. You don’t need to spin in circles or do other acrobatics. Watch their instructional video to see how it’s done. With a little bit of practice, you’ll get the swinging action down pat. Then just roll up the end and clip the buckle shut.

Once you’re ready to enjoy the ChillaX, you can place it on sand, grass, gravel, or even in the pool. It will stay inflated for a few hours before you’ll need to top it off with a little more air.

When you’re done lounging, the ChillaX is very quick and easy to take down. Open the buckle, let the air escape, fold it up, and store it in the included nylon carrying bag. It’s so light it shouldn’t cause you any back pain. If it gets a little dirty, it’s safe to wipe it down with a soft cloth and mild soap and water. Just let it dry well before putting it away.

ChillaX offers a full satisfaction, no hassle money-back guarantee if you don’t love your new inflatable lounger.

Whozzu Air Lounger

You’ve seen a lot of inflatable lounge chairs, so what makes the Whozzu Air Lounger different, or better? For one, the external material is 210D ripstop parachute fabric. That means it’s tough enough to resist tears and rough terrain, but it feels silky soft. It’s also waterproof, so you can enjoy the Whozzu in your pool.

This air lounge can hold up to 400 pounds of weight so you keep it all for yourself, or share it with a friend. You don’t need to use an air pump or a fan to inflate it. You can fill it outside at the beach or indoors in a living room. Watch some of the instructional videos to see how easy it is.

On the side of the lounge, there are two pockets and a drink holder. The pockets are roomy enough to hold a book, a magazine, a tablet, or your smartphone. Whozzu is so confident about the strength of their lounger’s fabric that they suggest placing your keys in the pocket, too. If it’s a windy day, you can anchor the lounge to the ground.

When you’re ready to put the Whozzu away, let the air out, fold it up, and place it in the included carrying bag. It weighs only 2.64 pounds so it’s very lightweight. If you’re not 100% happy with this air lounger, Whozzu offers a lifetime guarantee on its quality and a full refund.

Vansky Outdoor Inflatable Lounger

Vansky’s Inflatable Lounger has a design similar to the ChillaX. It includes a square shaped headrest to make it more comfortable when you’re lying down on it. If you’ve tried some of these air loungers, you’ll understand the difference it makes.

But the Vansky isn’t just a clone of other air bags. It holds up to 500 pounds, and that’s above the limit of most of the other brands. They say that their polyester fabric’s seam is stitched an additional time to give it more strength.

If you want to share the air lounger with another person, it inflates up to 77 inches long by 36.6 inches wide by 22.8 inches high. With its high weight limit and these dimensions, you could turn it into an air sofa for three adults.

It’s not hard to inflate. There are lots of how-to videos available on the Internet, plus Vansky has a cute little cartoon design that tells how to fill the bag and seal it shut.

On the sides, you’ll see there are three different pockets. They hold items as large as a book or tablet or a drink, and as small as your keys, sunglasses, or a phone charger.

If you want to enjoy the Vansky lounger in the pool, it floats and it’s waterproof. It stays inflated between 4 to 8 hours, depending on conditions. But if you prefer to enjoy it in the park, at the beach, or on a mountaintop, you can. It’s very lightweight at just 2.5 pounds, so it’s easy to being with you in the included carrying bag. In case there’s any problem, Vansky offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on the inflatable lounger.

Chillbo Baggins Inflatable Lounge Bag Hammock Air Sofa and Pool Float

This bag’s name tells us that this company is a fan of Tolkien. If Bilbo, Frodo, or Sam had this air lounger to relax on, the whole Lord of the Rings saga would’ve gone a lot differently. It weighs only 3 pounds but can hold up to 400 pounds. Fully inflated, it measures almost 7 feet long. Forget those Elven boats—this is big enough for a lot of hobbits!

Besides the fun name, Chillbo Baggins offers some unique features that other brands don’t. First, it lets you choose one of seven color patterns so your lounge doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s. The camouflage designs range from functional to downright decorative patterns.

Their loungers have a large nylon pocket on the side to protect your stuff when you’re not holding it. We like this a lot better than mesh. Things don’t get hung up, they’re easy to slide in and out. Chillbo Baggins also thoughtfully provided an elastic loop to hold down your lounger on windy days.

Yes, you can float on water with this lounger. We do recommend keeping it in calm water, though. It’s also probably good if you know how to swim. This is made for entertainment, not lifeguarding.

To make inflation faster and easier, there’s only one opening, not two, to fill with air. Like any of these air loungers, all you have to do is swing it though the air. You don’t need a pump. To pack it up at the end of the day, open the clip to let out the air, and then roll it up from the closed end to the open end. It comes with its own cinch-top carrying bag with a strap.

If you’re indecisive on whether this is the bag for you, Chillbo Baggins offers a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Lamzac Hangout

Here is the original Lamzac Hangout. They say that this is their new model released in March 2016. It’s the strongest of these three similar air loungers because it supports up to 440 pounds. It’s also the largest. The dimensions are about 81.7 by 35.7 inches when fully inflated. This means it really can be a comfortable couch or sofa for three people.
The exterior is made from rip-stop nylon. Although it is made to repel dirt and moisture, you can clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap. If you want to see just how “moisture-repellent” the Hangout is, check out this video. It’s the inventor using his air lounger as a boat.
Although we can’t recommend boating with a Hangout, we do love the convenience of having a portable lounger at the beach, the park, basically anywhere. It only weighs 2.6 pounds and it folds down to be smaller. That makes it the lightest-weight air lounger out of the three in this review.
As for how hard, or easy, it is to inflate, take a look at this demonstration. Yes, it probably takes a little practice to get it right, but who cares when this thing is so cool? It is an air bed, a portable sofa, and a chair all-in-one.

WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger

What weighs only 2.65 pounds and comes in six different solid colors? The WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger does. It’s light because it has a 210T rip-stop polyester shell. To translate, 210T is a woven fabric, not a knitted one. It’s considerably thinner and lighter than the ripstop material of your backpack, for instance. While both fabrics are made of polyester or nylon, their construction is different. That fact means that this inflatable lounger is more like a parachute than a clothing accessory.

Like most brands these days, the lounger comes with a stake to secure it to the ground. That’s surprisingly important on windy days. One smart reviewer mentioned that it’s possible to fill the carrying bag with rocks or sand in case you’re unable to plant the stake in the ground. And of course, there’s also a bottle opener built into the strap that closes up the lounger after you fill it with air.

Filling the lounger can be a challenge for first-time owners. As many reviewers mentioned, it’s much easier to inflate when there’s wind, or when you have space to run a few steps back and forth. It can’t be helped as this is the typical design for practically every air lounger on the market. Try watching at least two or three videos, and you’ll understand what you’re getting into when you buy one.

But you may be asking yourself what is special about the WEKAPO lounge. After all, there are many similar products for sale. One of its highlights is the inner liner that is sealed with German Bayer PC or polycarbonate. It’s a high-end plastic. As a result, the lounger remains inflated up to six hours. And it supports up to 650 pounds, making it useful when you want to enjoy it with friends. In fact, that weight limit is one of the highest we’ve seen for an inflatable lounger.

Another pleasing feature is the pillow-shaped headrest. It makes lying in the lounger more comfortable because it supports your neck and upper back. You may also enjoy the transparent pockets on the side of the lounge. They’re large enough to hold a tablet and smartphone, a magazine, or other small items. The manufacturer might say you can leave your keys there, but we’re not sure that storing sharp objects right next to an air lounger is a good idea.

Next, when fully inflated, the lounger is 82 inches long, or almost 7 feet in length. That’s convenient when you’re tall and want to lie down and relax on it. It’s also useful if you’re sitting on it like a couch with two or three friends. And it’s considerably longer than some of the first generation air sofas on the market. Of course, the bag will be shorter as you roll up the end to conserve the air that’s left inside after a few hours.

The final benefit of the WEKAPO inflatable sofa is that the manufacturer offers 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t love it, you can get a refund. And that’s a good deal. Just read the fine print to see if you’ll need to pay for return shipping.

Chillbo DON POOLIO Best Pool Float BRAND NEW DESIGN Inflatable Lounger

We’re excited because Chillbo released a brand-new inflatable lounger called the Don Poolio.  It’s amphibious by design. And it looks like a lot of fun on the water.

The company says they tested it in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of northern California, then in the Atlantic. Plus, they paddled on river rapids in Italy. Those are feats that we wouldn’t recommend you try in an ordinary inflatable lounger. While many air lounges are fun to use in the calm water of a swimming pool, they’re not ideal in other situations because they might flip or even burst. But the Don Poolio can handle the pressure.

In fact, you can see photos of the Don Poolio being ridden like a sled on snow, too. That’s quite a step up from the average adventures at the beach or the park. It sounds like this inflatable lounge is a rugged all-season accessory.

You can even tie a rope to the buckle of the bag’s closure and tow the Don Poolio behind a boat, or tether it to a buoy, or join it to a flotilla of other inflatable loungers. If you’re on land, you can secure it to the ground on windy days with the included stake. And Chillbo has hinted that they are developing a special harness to make towing easier.

The shape of the Don Poolio lounger is different from other brands, or even the original Chillbo Baggins. It’s wider and longer, measuring close to 8-1/2-feet long and about 4 feet wide when inflated. That extra width makes it much more stable on the water than other brands. It’s also a little over 2 feet tall, which makes it more comfortable for folks with limited mobility who struggle to sit low to the ground.

The built-in headrest elevates your head so you can see what’s happening out in front. It also means you don’t need to tote along an extra pillow.

So what’s the secret to this new improved design? First, the manufacturer explains that the Don Poolio is much easier to inflate because it has only one opening and no inner liner. It fills up much faster than the average air lounger with less scooping and running back-and-forth. And it remains inflated up to five hours.

But wait a minute, how can there be no inner liner? We don’t know the answer to this question. All we know is that they say that the shell is ripstop fabric. They also explain that it dries very quickly. Some customers have commented that it appears to be nylon.

Next, although the lounge supports up to 440 pounds, it weighs only 2.4 pounds. It also folds down to a compact size that fits neatly in the oversize carrying bag. In case you’re wondering, the folded dimensions are approximately 13 x 6 x 3.5-inches.

In conclusion, Chillbo offers a six-month return policy that allows you to exchange your inflatable lounger for a new one, or get a refund if you’re not happy. That’s plenty of time to try it out on land and sea.

Live Infinitely Inflatable Air Lounger Lounge Bag

Live Infinitely clearly states why they believe they have the ultimate air lounger. They begin with a comparison of key design features. Specifically, they run the numbers so that you can see the clear difference between their product and what your neighbors bought last summer.

The first point of comparison is the thickness of the inner liner. They explain that the standard inflatable lounger uses 125-gauge plastic, which is similar to a thin grocery bag. But their air lounger has a much thicker 700-gauge leak-proof liner. They explain that this liner is comparable to the durable plastic dropcloths used at construction sites.

Next, the exterior shell is 420D ripstop polyester. The “D” stands for Denier, which means that the fabric is knitted similar to that of a backpack instead of woven like the material of parachute. It’s strong enough to support up to 500 pounds. And we’re impressed because many air lounges use the lightweight 210T material, not this heavy-duty fabric with the dense weave.

To continue, the lounge from Live Infinitely is considerably longer than the average air sofa. When it’s inflated, it’s over 9 feet long. Just imagine how many friends can share the bag with you at the same time. But you can opt to shorten its length by rolling up the end so that the lounge feels firmer and requires less air. And the new improved clip is easier to use and less likely to break.

Live Infinitely also took a cue from their competitors and added a squared headrest. You won’t need an additional pillow to be comfortable when you lay on it. We’re pleased to see that most manufacturers have moved away from the banana boat shape to including a built-in pillow. It’s convenient.

To add to your enjoyment, there are two pockets on the side of the air lounge. One is large enough for a magazine or tablet, while the other fits a smartphone or a water bottle. And if it’s a breezy day, you can secure the bag to the ground by way of the anchoring loop and metal stake. If that’s not effective, try filling up the carrying sack with rocks or sand and securing the lounge to it instead.

In conclusion, if you want to use the Live Infinitely as a pool float, you can, according to the manufacturer. And due to its reputed durability, we agree. Just be sure to let it dry before you pack it away for storage in its carrying bag.

In conclusion, it’s a low-risk purchase because it’s covered by a one-year limited warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Take note because it’s not common to get a warranty on an air lounger. Check out the fine print to make sure you won’t get stuck paying for shipping if you decide to return it for a refund or repair.

Inflatable Lounger by Legit Camping

Legit Camping’s cute sloth logo looks at you hopefully as you unpack their inflatable lounger from its carrying bag. The company makes two promises to sell you on their product as opposed to other brands. The first is that their anti-deflation technology keeps the air inside the lounger for twice as long. And the second is that it inflates in under a minute. Seems legit, yes?

Let’s explore their claims. They mention that the air lounge is made of 210T ripstop nylon. They add that it floats on water and the material is waterproof. And they say that it supports 400 pounds. There’s no information about an inner liner. But they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. And it’s encouraging that customers seem to be pleased with how long the lounge holds air.

Next, Legit Camping explains that their lounge has a double inlet design that’s quick to inflate without running around and without wind. We’ve reviewed other inflatable sofas with dual openings before this one. In most cases, it takes practice to scoop up air no matter whether there’s one tube or two.

When the lounger is inflated, it’s around six feet long. Its length depends on how many times you roll the end to secure it. But more importantly, it has a comfy headrest sculpted into one end.

Like most air loungers, it comes with a stake to tie it down on breezy days. There’s also a carrying bag that matches the color of the lounger. That’s handy when you’re with friends who all have the same lounger but different designs. Legit Camping sells them in seven colors plus camouflage.

On the right side of the lounge, there’s an elastic strap that holds a water bottle or other beverage. If it’s a beer or a soda, pop the top with the built-in bottle opener. Then on the left side, there’s a large transparent pocket for a tablet and phone or other items. The total weight of the lounger, stake, bottle opener, and carrying bag is about three pounds.

On the surface, the Legit Camping lounger is not particularly unique. But if their claims that the lounge holds air for days are true, that would be the strongest selling point. Most inflatable loungers last up to five or six hours at the most before they need re-inflation. And half the time you’ll be hopping off after two or three hours to roll up the end to firm it up again.

On the bright side, the Legit lounger is inexpensive, and it’s covered by a satisfaction guarantee that lets you get your money back if you’re not happy with it.

Inflatable Air Lounges ship to Australia,New Zealand… to everywhere

Aussies, Kiwis … can now join the fun! This air lounger ships down under!

Pouchcouch Lightweight Carrying Pouch/Inflatable Couch

We were happy to see an inflatable lounge chair that didn’t have to be swung around to fill with air. The Pouchcouch can be inflated by simply flapping its mouth open and closed. That’s great when you’re trying to set up inside a room instead of at the beach. It’s very fast and easy to set up.

As the instructions say, lay it down on one side and flap the opening ten to fifteen times. Flip it over and do the same thing again. Then roll up the open end and clip it shut. You still can swing it though the air like other loungers, but it’s really nice to have options.

Although the Pouchcouch isn’t made for floating on water, it is perfect for relaxing at home, in the great outdoors, or anywhere you want to lounge and enjoy it. Since it’s made from parachute-grade rip-stop polyester, it’s super lightweight and very tough. Put it in the included carrying pouch and bring it along everywhere you go.

The Pouchcouch only weighs 2 pounds but it can hold up to 500 pounds. Its durability is backed up by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. It also ships with patch material just in case.

History of the inflatable air lounger

So who came up with this great idea? Lamzac is the name of the small 8-person company in the Netherlands that invented the Hangout. The name “Lamzac” literally means “lazy person” or “inactive sack.” The famed KAISR air lounge was also created by a group from the Netherlands who ran a crowd-funding campaign. The AeroNest featured in this review was invented by a “hiker and traveler” from Hawaii.

All of these air lounges are based on the design of drybags. A drybag is a waterproof sack that has a top that rolls up three times to form a watertight seal. Kayakers and canoers use them to carry gear that can’t tolerate water.

Instead of just being waterproof, these air loungers are “air-proof.” They are made to hold air inside, and they usually last up to 4 hours before needing to be refilled, or at least plumped up a bit. Most of them have a plastic liner on the inside and a rip-stop nylon exterior shell.

All of them have wide openings to scoop up the air. These openings have ends that roll over and clip shut to keep the air inside. There are no valves and no way you can fill them with an air pump.

People using a Lamzac Hangout or similar air sofa for the first time love how comfortable it feels. But they also complain at how difficult it can be to inflate one. It seems like it’s much easier if there is a breeze to start. Then running with the bag or making broad swooshes through the air finishes the job. All the companies insist that once you get the hang of it, it’s simple.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about air lounges

What happens if you rip or damage an air lounger and it leaks?

AeroNest has an easy answer for you: they sell replacement liners. As for cosmetic damage to the surface of your inflatable lounge, you have a couple of options. Stores that sell tents and camping equipment usually sell nylon repair tape. This is like a Band-Aid to hold the wounded material together. It’s not permanent, but it will hold for a while. Some repair tapes need a pass with a low-temperature iron to seal them onto the nylon.

Are inflatable lounges dangerous to use on the water?

Anything can be dangerous if used the wrong way. If you want to use your lounger as a flotation device, please choose one of the best-made models that say they can be used on the water. Don’t let children float on one unsupervised. Plan on staying in calm water instead of riding rapids or waves. Keep sharp objects away from the lounge. Please note that the government of Western Australia is investigating complaints of an unnamed brand of inflatable lounge failing and nearly drowning two people.

How long will my inflatable air lounge last?

Since these products only started appearing on the market in 2014, we just don’t know yet how long they last. We haven’t seen reviews yet that complain about durability. For longest wear, don’t exceed the weight limit, and don’t use it around sharp rocks or other things that could damage it. Clean it only with a mild solution of soap and lukewarm water. Better to have a stained lounger than no lounger at all.

What if my air lounger gets soaked?

Well, the inventor of the Hangout used his as a boat. (We don’t recommend doing that.) Give the lounger plenty of time to dry before you put it away. You may need to deflate it and let it lay open to air out for a couple of hours.

Can I use an inflatable lounger like these if I have back problems?

Whether you can, or should, enjoy an air lounge if you have back problems is a personal decision. It may depend on what your doctor says about what’s best for you, especially if you’ve had surgery. But many people with sore backs find relief laying on an air lounge. It cradles their body. Some loungers have a nice head rest, too, for cervical support. If you’re suffering with disc problems or muscle pain in your back, you can wear a discreet lower back brace under your summertime lounge wear. An adjustable lumber support can make it a lot easier to get in and out of a lounge chair. No one needs to know you even have it on.

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