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What Is The Best Musky Rod For The Money? Reviews 2022

The Best Musky Rods Reviews

Best Musky Rods Reviews

If you’ve seen photos of anglers holding up a huge fish with a broad smile painted across their faces, then there is a good chance it will be a musky fish. Musky grow truly huge. As a result, they are one of North America’s most desired game fish. However, they are relatively rare, have great eyesight, and put up a serious fight making them a real challenge to catch.

In this post, we will run you through what you need to consider when buying a rod for musky fishing, some tips on when and where to fish for musky, and what sorts of lures work well for musky fishing. We will also run you through 5 of our top picks for musky fishing rods for different needs and budgets.

Our Top Picks

Best musky rod and reel combo: KastKing’s Fishing Rod and Baitcasting Combo

For an ideal rod and reel for people getting started with musky fishing, this rod and reel combo casts like a dream and is the best all around musky rod and reel combo.

Best musky rod for bucktails: St. Croix Rod’s premier Fresh Water Casting Rod

For a musky rod that offers great value for money and with lead headed jigs like bucktails, this impressive bit of kit will have you reeling in some seriously large fish.

Best musky rod for the money: TICA’s Musky Fishing Rod MNSA Series

If you are looking for the best inexpensive musky rod on the market that still works like a dream, then this great bit of kit can catch the heaviest musky and cope with lures up to 12-ounces.

Best musky rod for bulldawg: Okuma’s Telescopic Musky Rod with Extra Heavy Action

For a fishing rod that is ideal for fishing with bulldawg lures, this rod stands out from the crowd and makes it easy to get the best out of your bull dawgs.

Best two piece musky rod: Okuma’s TXP-1002-80 Tundra Pro Spinning Combo

This is a musky rod that can be split into two pieces, so it is very compact and suitable for those who want to carry a musky rod with them. It is also light and very durable cuz it is made from graphite

Top SalesProduct LinkPrice
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Ice Fishing Reel & Rod Combo 26" Light Action Rod USGXICE26LCBO"from $29.99
Penn BTLII4000701M Battle II 4000 Spinning Reel Combo Inshore 7 Feet Medium Powerfrom $119.49
KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods Casting 7ft 1in-Fast-MH Powerfrom $49.99
Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod 7' - Medium Light - 1pcfrom $49.95
Ugly Stik Catfish Casting Rodsfrom $39.95
SHIMANO Trevala 6'6 MH Saltwater Jigging Spinning Rodfrom $129.99
KastKing Speed Demon Bass Fishing Rod Casting - Jig Worm - 7ft 2in Mediumfrom $79.99
Ugly Stik Catfish Spinning Rodsfrom $39.95
SHIMANO Trevala 7'0 ML Saltwater Jigging Casting Rodfrom $129.99
St Croix Mojo Musky Rods (MHF 80)from $169.99
Okuma EVx-C-931H-Tb Evx Muskie Im-8from $112.49
Shimano Sojourn 6'6" Spinning Fishing Rods"from $29.99
SHIMANO Sojourn 2-Piece Spin Rodfrom $26.94
MNSA80H2 Musky Rodfrom $89.00

What to look out for when purchasing Best Walleye Rods

Before we move on to the when and where of fishing for musky, it’s important to make sure you have the right fishing equipment to fish musky with. Here, we answer some key questions you need to know to choose the right equipment for musky fishing.

What is the best musky rod length?

As musky get big (some are up to 60lbs), you will need a suitable rod. But what is the best musky rod length and action? Well, heavy action rods tend to be the preferred choice for musky fishers. This is because this sort of rod can be used with heavier lures that are jumbo in size and tempt the musky in. They also have a solid backbone which you will need In the battle with the fish.

The sweet spot in terms of rod length for musky is somewhere between 7 and 9 feet. This also the best musky rod for glide baits in terms of size. With rods of this size, you may find that a 2 piece rod (or above) will be a good choice to aid you with portability. A 2 piece will be easier to set up and put down and will more easily fit into your car than a 1-piece.

What is the best fly rod weight for musky?

You will want to use at least a 10-weight fly rod for fly fishing for musky. Whilst you can use an 11-weight if you want to use bigger flies, this can be hard to come by and will be harder to learn on. Beginners should aim for a slow action rod too as this will help with casting with heavier lines and big bait.

What type of reel should I use for musky?

As you will need to use a heavy tackle for musky, your best bet is to partner your musky rod with a large baitcaster reel or at least a reel with a fast gear ration. This will allow you to catch up with the fast-paced and fast-moving musky.

What type of line do I need fishing for musky?

When it comes to musky you will want a line that is sensitive and resistant to abrasion. It will also need a high pound test if you are going to be able to keep a hold of a musky without your line snapping. Heavy braided line is the best option and this should have no less than 80lbs on the pound test. You won’t need a line that goes above 100 on the pound test. You will need to attach the lure to the main line with a fluorocarbon leader because of the impressive eyesight of the musky (as fluorocarbon is near invisible in the water).

What lure size works for musky?

Ultimately, this will come down a bit to personal taste and your style of fishing as there are loads of great lures for musky fishing out there. Indeed, muskies eat pretty much anything they can get their teeth into, from fish to frogs and even rats! However, as a rough guide for the type of lures different sized musky go for, 8 to 12 inches is about right. In cold water, you will need deep slow baits and, in warmer water, you will need fast-moving ones.

The reason you usually need big lures is because the fish that musky tend to prey on are usually 25 to 50% of their length. So if you want a bigger musky you’ll need a bigger lure. However, in colder water, you may find smaller baits (such as crankbaits or rattle traps) are more effective. In warmer water (60-70°F) musky will be more active and go for the larger baits.

What revolutionised technology is integrated in modern musky rods?

Because of the size of musky, modern-day rods have had to be designed in ways that make them durable and strong without being too heavy. Graphite construction allows for this and helps to prevent breakage. Nevertheless, the biggest musky will still require you to hunt for the best musky rod blanks to customize your rod with. Casting ability has also improved over the years, making it easier for newcomers to get into the game. Most rods are also more versatile these days allowing anglers to try different bates easily with just one rod.

What are some problems involved in musky fishing before you head out?

Fishing musky requires some thought before you get started. Here, we outline 3 common issues and how to fix them when fishing for musky that you should consider before setting out:

#1 Unprepared gear

So often people head out with brand new gear without taking the time to consider that they might need to do something to get it ready for dealing with musky. The key thing to remember with musky fishing is that you will want your reel drag locked down. This gives you more chances of hooking your musky when the drag is locked.

#2 Stubbornness

If we stick to one lure religiously and do see results, then in the fishing world we could be suffering from stubbornness. Often this is because we’ve had a fish take hold of the lure but not hooked it. If this has happened a few times, it’s worth giving a different lure a try. It could be the same lure in a different size or a different lure altogether.

#3 Lack of Patience

Some lures can take a while to get the hang of. However, some of the best baits for musky are the ones that it takes a little time to get good at. Glide baits and top water lures are great examples of this but are well worth persevering with.

Top 5 best musky rod Reviews

So now you know a bit about what musky are like and the sorts of equipment you need it’s time to take a look at a few of our favorite musky rods for different budgets and fishing needs. These are the types of muskie rods one must consider buying. Here, we outline 5 favorites to help make finding the right rod for your needs easier:

#1 Best musky rod and reel combo: KastKing’s Fishing Rod and Baitcasting Combo

If you are a newcomer to fishing for musky, then this is the best beginner musky rod for you. Beginners will truly love this affordable rod and reel combo. This rod makes it easy to learn how to cast as it has a smooth action delivered by the baitcasting reel. As a result, beginners will find this a good choice to learn with and won’t be easily frustrated. This easily transportable rod is easy to set up and casts like a dream.

Other pros of this musky rod and reel combo are that: it has a handle with impressive grip help you keep hold of those big catches; it is strong enough to deal with a powerful and tricky musky; it is impressively priced, and; it comes with everything a beginner needs to get started other than your line. The downside of this rod is that it is quite heavy and some people don’t enjoy fishing with this style of line guide.

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#2 Best musky rod for bucktails: St. Croix Rod’s premier Fresh Water Casting Rod

If you are looking for a rod that works well with the versatile bucktail lure, then you’ll love this great device. This is not the cheapest option on this list but it is by far the best value musky rod out there on the market in terms of the quality on offer. The rod itself is also a great all-rounder and cope with a range of lures if bucktails aren’t your thing. If you love top water lures, then you’ll love this musky rod.

Other benefits of this bucktail friendly musky fishing rod are that: it is nice and lightweight making it easy to handle for longer; it is impressively sensitive without losing strength or durability; it works great with an in-line spinner, and; it will become a firm favorite in your tackle box in no time. The downside of this rod is that it is not suitable for trolling or using heavier baits.

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#3 Best musky rod for the money: TICA’s Musky Fishing Rod MNSA Series

If you love the sound of musky fishing but don’t have a huge budget then don’t despair! This is the best musky rod under 100 on the market and a great choice for people whether they are experienced anglers or completely new to the game. Durably designed with high-density graphite, you’ll also get an impressive lifetime out of this rod. With a 65lb limit, you’ll even be able to catch the biggest of musky with this rod.

Other good things about this rod that make it the best cheap musky rod out there are that: it is suitable for use with heavy lures up to 12-ounces; it has a smooth and clean casting action making it suitable for beginners; it is a heavy power rod; it is easy to pack away and transport, and; it is cheap. The downside of this rod is that it can break when put under intense pressure.

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#4 Best musky rod for bulldawg: Okuma’s Telescopic Musky Rod with Extra Heavy Action

If you’re keen on using the original soft plastic jerk bait known as the bull dawg, then this is the right musky rod for you. Whether you straight crank, twitch, troll, or jerk, this rod will work great with this versatile lure. This lure works great in water with submergent vegetation and weed beds with deep edges. This great rod is ideal for learning the tricks of the bull dawg trade.

Other things to like about this bull dawg musky rod are that: it has an impressive casting distance; it has a telescopic design which comes apart easily for easy storage and transport; it comes with an incredible limited lifetime warranty; it is easy to switch the rod tip angles with this rod, an ideal technique for tempting musky with bulldawg. The downside of this rod is that it needs looking after carefully.

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#5 Best two piece musky rod: Okuma’s TXP-1002-80 Tundra Pro Spinning Combo

If you’re looking for a great musky rod that comes with a spinning reel and breaks down into just 2 pieces, then you’ll love this setup. Easy to put together and take apart, this two-piece musky rod also comes with a spinning reel that delivers smooth casts and helps you quickly bring in your catch. This affordable two piece musky rod with reel included is a great choice for people wanting a rod that is easy to take with you.

Other pros of this musky rod two piece are that: it is made from the durable graphite so will last you for years; it is super sensitive, helping you catch the trickiest musky more easily; it is lightweight but has impressive power; it works great in all sorts of weather conditions, and; it is decent with baits of a medium size. The downside of this rod is that it is not so good with larger baits and lures.

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Fishing for musky is great fun and can see you land some of the most impressively large freshwater fish out there. However, you will need to take some time to prepare your kit, choose the right equipment, and make sure you have the right tackle. The basics you need to know are all outlined above. You’ll also find 5 of our favorite musky rods for beginners and enthusiasts alike as well as every budgetary need.

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