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Condor MOPC Review – Modular Operator Plate Carrier

Modular Operator Plate Carrier

The Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier is a tactical vest at its very core but it has more to it than meets the eye! This rig is a great starter platform and can also serve well for the most experienced players. Though it’s basically a plate carrier, it has a lot of cool features in it.

This is a must-have ballistic vest that will surely make you feel confident by providing you with enough enforcement. You can store a lot of items including up to 6 x 8 side panel plates and up to 10 x 13 armor plates. You read it right – this rig indeed has side pockets intended for side armor plates. This means you will be protected not just on the front and back but also on your sides!


You will start to have the gist of MOPC’s significant features by the front part alone. It has some versatile functions aside from initially being a plate carrier. The front pocket for instance allows you to attach a pouch that could contain up to three mags. This means reloading your weapon will be a lot easier considering the mags are just right in front of you.


This plate carrier is quite remarkable by design. For instance, the convenient pull-down flaps give you quick access to your ballistic plates. Velcro tabs are also featured on these flaps so the plates can be locked in place. This may sound like a simple design but it’s something you can’t usually find in other brands.


You’ll surely appreciate the padded shoulder straps. Even if you’re carrying heavy items, you’ll not feel entirely dragged down because you’ll be comfortable by the straps. Another great thing about the shoulder straps is the buckles at the back part that allow you to disconnect the straps very quickly.


Another awesome feature is the emergency buddy drag handle. In case of fire or other cases where you should be pulled to safety, this feature becomes quite handy in saving your life. Sure you don’t want to imagine such grim scenarios but at least you will confidently feel more secured that you can count on something when you need it.


“A good soldier must value his boots.” However, vests are as vital or even more important than your foot gear. So there is no reason to take quality for granted. To know more about this chest rig, here are the benefits of the Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier Vest


There are some issues regarding the sagging cummerbund. You should not be surprised at all. This vest may come with a lot of handy features but you can’t expect it to be perfect, right? This con can be easily forgiven considering the price and the “Made in China” tag. Despite that, the MOPC is still a recommended product.


Prices may vary depending on where you buy. Considering MOPC is just half the price of Crye Precision’s JPC, you can easily tell this vest is a bang for the buck.

This investment is actually just right because you get some features that you can only find in high-end competitors only that it comes with some flaws. However, if the con is just fine with you then you’ll do well with this vest.

Note: Just like most other brands, armors are not included in any purchase of this vest as they must be bought separately. Moreover, depending on where you buy, ATACS and Multicam are available for an additional cost.


Among different online shops, this particular vest is widely applauded for its features that comes at a reasonable price. A lot of users claim a sturdy and reliable build inferring a major fraction of satisfied consumers.

On the other hand, a minority complain about the sagging cummerbund issue. When this happens to you, just attach some 550/Para cord to the MOLLE loops that are nearest to the elastic. After that, just tighten it to your preference and you’re good to go!


When wearing a gear, you usually bring a lot of heavy items with you, thus making it difficult to move. This only means comfort must be your first priority. And the MOPC has got the solution for that. It comes with a jersey-like padded mesh material inside that allows optimum airflow keeping you nice and cool while in combat.

The Condor Modular Operator Plate Carrier is really hard to beat for its price. But you can’t also expect it to be exactly at par with those high-end gears with a three hundred dollar price tag. Bottom line: you can expect similar comfort and feel. This is guaranteed a dependable platform despite some imperfections that can easily be justified by the affordable price. Recommended for men who wants to balance action and budget!

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