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Katadyn Pocket Water Filter Review 2021

Best backpacking water filter

Discover the Katadyn Pocket. This filter has reliability and longevity written all over it. Backed by an impressive 20-year warranty, the filter features solid metal piece construction and a silver-impregnated ceramic filter, capable of filtering an incredible 13,000 gallons before you even have to think about replacing the filter.

The Specifications

The Pros

If you are looking for a filter that will last you a lifetime, the Katadyn fits the bill. It will filter an impressive 13,000 gallons before requiring a replacement filter, allowing you to treat as much or as little water as you need with confidence.


It is an ideal choice for large groups, group leaders, and adventures where the weight of the filter won’t pose a problem and the need for reliable water filtration is high.

Considering that you typically can’t last more than three days without water, access to clean water is vital for you to survive in a remote wilderness area.

In the wild, however, there is never a guarantee that the water source you have found is safe to drink from directly. The Katadyn Pocket filter takes the risk out of the equation.

With the Katadyn Pocket filter in your possession, you have access to clear and clean drinking water no matter where your travels take you.

This due to the Katadyn’s unique ability to filter out anything larger than 0.2 microns (0.0002 mm) compared to other filters 0.3 micron limit. This advanced filtration guarantees that bacteria, protozoa, and particulates are removed from your drinking water, protecting you from waterborne illnesses caused by E-coli, Cholera, and giardia.

The silver-impregnated ceramic filter is even capable of filtering silty water. The dirtier the water, the harder it will be to pump. When filtering extremely filthy water you will need to clean the filter for easier pumping.

To clean the filter, all you do is unscrew the mechanism and clean the filtered debris off the outside of the filter. This simple design allows you to clean the filter in a minute.

Keep in mind that filtered water is not the same as purified. The Katadyn pocket filter will not treat the water for viruses, this would require additional steps such as boiling or chemical treatment drops. The Katadyn also lacks an inner carbon core, but you can add an external one offered by Katadyn if you wish.

Top-Notch Construction and Ease of Use

Compared with cheaper filters on the market, the Katadyn stands apart for its incredible durability, reliability, and lifespan. The metal pieces of this filter are guaranteed to outlast any filter made using breakable plastic components such as the MSR MiniWorks EX.

As with other similar filters, the Katadyn Pocket does require some effort to pump and takes around a minute to pump a quart of water, roughly 48 pump strokes. So if you’re planning on pumping more than one water bottle be prepared for an arm workout.

The filter uses the typical two hose set-up found in most filters. The unfiltered water enters via the hose at the bottom and is pumped through the microfilter using the ergonomically shaped round handle at the top. The second hose attaches to a top outlet port allowing you to filter the water into any container of your choice.

Possible Drawbacks

Durability has its tradeoffs. The solid metal pieces add to the weight, weighing in at 20 ounces. This makes the Katydid Pocket filter one of the heaviest survival water filters on the market.

This weight is worth taking into consideration when you’re trying to pack as lightly as possible for an extended backpacking or hiking trip.

It is also almost three times as expensive as other filters so it may not be the first choice for a conscious budget hiker. While the price may make you hesitate, the filter will last you a lifetime and is rated as one of the most durable, well-made filters on the market.

Investing in a ceramic filter can also save you money in the long run as you will not need to buy replacement filters as often.

There are however some minor silver concerns. The silver used in the ceramic filter has anti-bacterial properties that are very effective in cleaning the water, but trace amounts of this silver can find their way into your drinking water. While the amount of silver used in this filter is deemed safe it still raises some heath concerns for some consumers.

The Verdict

The Katadyn Pocket water filter is made to last and will withstand years of use, providing clean, safe, water in the most challenging and remote locations. This top-of-the-line filter is an investment perfect for a broad range of individuals including relief workers working in natural disaster areas, individuals traveling abroad, campers, and hikers. When you need reliable water filtration, durability, quality, the Katadyn is an excellent choice.

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