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Best Personalized Life Preserver Ring for any Need

The allure of white, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and sunsets of brilliant orange and pink is hard for many to resist. And while we all can’t quit our jobs to head for the open seas, we can still find small ways to bring the nautical lifestyle to wherever we are. Whether you’re considering building a pool, buying a family boat, or just throwing a beach themed party, here is a rundown of the best ring buoys for every need.

Top 4 Life Preserver Ring on The Market 2021

NameDimensionsOur Rating

Cal June USCG Approved

4 x 21 x 22 inches4.9/5

Mustang 24-inch

25 x 24 x 3 inches4.8/5

Hampton Nautical

20 x 2 x 20 inches3.5/5

Swimline Foam

18 x 18 x 5 inches4.4/5

Cal June USCG Approved Ring Buoy

If you require a ring buoy that is designed to save lives, then you want one that is approved by the United States Coast Guard, like the ring buoy from Cal June.  This 30” diameter, solid plastic throw ring is perfect for pools and fishing docks. The innovative Sof-Tex construction allows you to keep it outdoors in all conditions without the threat of rot or mildew. When used properly with rope, this device can effectively aid a drowning person in your pool, near your dock, or at a family lake house. It’s easy to mount and even aesthetically pleasing with two color options available: white or orange.

Mustang 24-inch Ring Buoy with Reflective Tape, Orange

Also earning the approval of the United States Coast Guard, the Mustang Ring Buoy with Reflective Tape is best for boats. With this life preserver you no longer have to make it back to shore by nightfall due to the SOLAS grade reflective tape. This hard plastic, orange life ring is 24” in diameter and includes a polypropylene rope with UV stabilizers. This particular model of ring buoy is praised for its quality make and long lasting materials that hold up even in the elements of open water.

Hampton Nautical Classic White Decorative Anchor Life Ring with Red Bands, 20″

Even if you don’t have a boat or pool, you may want to infuse that nautical theme for a baby shower, pool party, or interior decor. In this case, there are many life preserver ring decorations to choose from. If you want options for your decoration, go with the Hampton Nautical Decorative Life Ring. It’s offered in diameters ranging from 6” to 30”. The decorative bands can be selected in blue, red, or white and the templates include anchor, antique, stars, or classic. This model will give you the authentic look with hand stitched cloth over a lightweight foam, perfect for hanging.

Swimline Foam Ring Pool Buoy

Another option for a life preserver ring decoration is the Swimline Foam Ring Pool Buoy. If you are going for a classic nautical atmosphere, this should be your pick. This 18” ring buoy features white foam with green and purple trim. An added bonus of this model is that though it is merely decorative, it still floats. So while it is not a lifesaving device, you can feel secure decorating a pool party with one or multiple of this selection.

What is a Life Ring?

A life ring is a circular device typically stored near any body of water for use in the case of an emergency. This isn’t limited to oceans or lakes. A life ring can be found on small sail boats, personal backyard pools, and family lake houses with private beaches. If someone in the water suddenly starts to drown, a life ring is thrown to him or her to help the person stay above the surface of the water till aid arrives or he or she is pulled back to land.

Because they are so commonly seen around areas of water, many include them in decorating with nautical themes. Whether inflatable or foam, they add an authentic feel to any party, baby shower, or room décor that is trying to capture the feel of the salty ocean air even miles away.

How to Use a Ring Buoy?

However, this means you must be very careful when looking for a ring buoy to use as an actual life saving device. If someone is drowning you need a United States Coast Guard approved device, not a decoration and definitely not your pool cleaner net.

To properly use a ring buoy stand on the end of the rope and grasp it firmly in your hand. Before throwing it always shout out “Ring buoy!” as many are made of hard plastic. Use an underarm throw to gently toss it out. Aim beyond the person, not in front. You will not be able to push it to them if it lands too short, but you can pull it to them if it lands too far. Once the person has hold of the buoy, slowly pull them in. Finally, always seek medical aid for the person to be safe.


Whether you need a life ring for actual life saving purposes or just to bring the warmth and joy of the ocean to your front door, there are many options available for you.

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