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Best pipe lighter for real man: Reviews (2022 Update)

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best pipe lighter

Smoking has been a luxury to mankind since the very beginning of their existence. At first, people used herbs for the purpose of smoking and then came the smoking pipes. The first smoking pipe was identified back in 2000BC, in the ancient Egypt. Archeologists claim to find the smoking pipes alongside mummies. In the Egyptian culture, it is believed that the person can enjoy many things in afterlife and that’s why those who loved smoking were buried with smoking pipes.

No doubt, smoking pipes had a firm place in the ancient history. Let’s see how to smoke pipe with pipe lighter!

Zippo Pipe Lighter, Brushed Chrome$
Visol Coppia All-in-One Cigar and Pipe Lighter, Chrome$$
Xikar Pipeline Silver Lighter$$$
IM Corona Old Boy Chromium Lighter$$$$

What is pipe lighter?

The pipe lighter is different from other lighters in terms of its flame, which is softer than any other flame. The other lighters will either burn the rim or hurt your fingers, but this one won’t cause any nuisance. Two types of fuel are used in the lighting pipes –butane and liquid fuel.
How does pipe lighter differ from conventional lighter?

The pipe lighter differs from conventional lighter in many ways and all for a better reason. Some of the common difference between the both is mentioned below:

Soft Flame

While the conventional lighter has a very strong flame that can harm the skin and rim, the pipe lighter saves you from all such things. The flame is soft enough to not cause any harm to your skin and offers enough power to light up the herbs.

Lighting fuels

The pipe lighter uses lighter fuels in comparison to the conventional form of lighters. The pipe lighters use gaseous and liquid form of fuel. Butane and liquid fuels are two great options and while the first one is not wind resistant, the later acts as a wind resistant fuel.

Lighting mechanism

Flint-wheel and piezoelectric mechanism are the two mechanisms brought to use by the pipe lighters. While the flint wheels create the spark using textured spark wheel, the piezoelectric lighting mechanism brings in use spring loaded hammer that strikes the piezoelectric crystal from time to time.

Why should you buy a pipe lighter?

A man can be simply judged by the way he toasts his cigar and nothing can be better than a pipe lighter to light the cigar. A pipe lighter is also preferred because it doesn’t affect the aroma or taste of the tobacco.

You will find it easier to carry the pipe lighter with you and even if you are not planning to smoke in the daytime, you can still stumble upon someone who might need it. These lighters also make a good choice for gift and your friends who like to smoke will truly admire this precious gift.

What fuel does pipe lighter use?

One good thing about the pipe lighters is – they use the lightest forms of fuel. Most of the pipe lighters run on the following types of fuels:


Butane is the standard form of fuel found in most of the lighters. It doesn’t ruin the taste and aroma of the tobacco and other herbs. These lighters are best used indoors as they are not wind resistant. Even if it’s not wind resistant, butane is more popularly used in the pipe lighters.



Liquid Fuel

If you are ready to compromise a little with the taste and looking for wind resistant fueling option, the liquid fuel is the right option for you. The experts recommend burning the fuel a little before putting the tobacco in as it maintains the taste of the smoke. Those who like smoke outdoors swear by the liquid fuels used in Pipe Lighters.



Does the type of fuel affect the taste or aroma of tobacco?

People often complain about the pipe lighter spoiling the taste of their smoke, but it’s not the pipe lighter to be blamed; instead you have to be careful with the fuel selection. Out of the two types of fuel, the liquid fuel is said to ruin the taste of your tobacco.

Either burn it a bit before stuffing the tobacco or directly choose butane for fueling the pipe lighter. butane might not work in heavy wind, but indoors it works perfectly fine, giving you the most authenticate taste of smoke.

How to smoke with a pipe lighter?

Smoking with pipe lighter is a leisure activity and if you want it to be enjoyable, set it aside for at least 20 minutes.

How to refill pipe lighter?

People dread refilling the pipe lighter, but believe us, this is no rocket science. Follow the steps below and you will have your most dreaded task done in minutes:

For Butane Lighter

For Liquid Fuel

How to choose your superb pipe lighter?

After you have attained so much information, it’s not going to be difficult for you to differentiate a bad lighter from a good one. Still, we are putting all the important points together:


What type of fuel do you prefer? Liquid fuel or Butane fuel? It will completely depend on your usage, whether you want it indoors or outdoors. If it’s for outdoor usage, stick to liquid fuels and if it’s for indoor use, go for Butane. For us, Butane has been a safer option and it won’t even affect the tobacco taste.

Additional Tools

If you smoke often, the fuel inside the pipe lighter won’t last long and that is when you need the tiny tools that most of the sellers offer with the pipe lighters. For no reason you should miss those pipe lighter with tools, else you will have to spend some extra bucks later on.

Sturdily Built

If you want your lighter to last long, you need to check the material used in building the pipe lighter. We would recommend you to go for a stainless steel body as it is sturdier and gives a long life.

Handy and versatile

Handy and versatile are two words that your pipe lighter must live by; else it is going to be difficult for you to light the tobacco. You can try one or two options and see which one suits your hand. Some lighters even fit in different cases, so you can just change the cases if you wish to.

What are best lighter for pipe smoking?

Zippo Pipe Lighters

There are a bunch of Zippo Pipe Lighters out there and you will easily get one that suits your taste. Inside the case comes a sturdily built lighter with removable flame cover. The flame goes straight inside the pipe bowl without damaging the rim or the hand.

The best thing about Zippo Pipe Lighter is that you can change it with any of the case. Yes, if you don’t like the outer coverage, replace it with any other case from Zippo.

Use it with the right hand or left, you can completely rely on the functionality of this pipe lighter. While some say that it makes the tobacco taste different, but if you are using a Butane Zippo, then there is nothing to worry at all.

As far as the cost is concerned, it won’t cost you more than 25 bucks on an average. So, it absolutely remains our first choice among all the other options.



Vector Thunderbird Pipe Lighter Insert for Flip-Top Lighters

The Thunderbird pipe lighter is a great replacement for the messy liquid fuel lighters. It uses flint wheel ignition technology to light up the soft flames that comes with the perfect angle. By the smell of it, you will realize that the case is filled with pure Butane. Besides, it a good zippo pipe lighter insert.

The flint ignition system comes with life-time factory warranty. Using this lighter, you won’t have the trouble of messy fuel system. If you have to use it indoor, it won’t be much trouble to use this lighter.



Visol Coppia All-in-One Cigar and Pipe Lighter

The Visol Coppia pipe lighter comes in a basket weave pattern with gunmetal body. The pipe lighter offers wind resistant flame which happens to be good when you are buying it for outdoor usage. You can take it as a multi-purpose cigar lighter which works on lighting both pipes and cigarettes.

With the approximate dimension of 1.42 inches and 0.16 pounds, it is going to fit well in your hands. The lighter is butane refillable and comes with a fuel level viewing window. You can even gift it to one of your friends as it comes easy for the gift wrap option.



Xikar Pipeline Silver Lighter

Xikar combines a luxurious styling with dependable functions in the most exquisite manner. The stainless steel body is sturdy enough to stay intact for a lifetime. Inside the body resides a replaceable ignition system, which is guarded by a hinged ignition cover. As for the weight is considered, it is almost weightless, fitting comfortably in your hands.

Even this pipeline lighter is fueled by butane, which makes it the safest fuel known for a pipe lighter. As it comes with single traditional flame, there won’t be many issues in igniting the tobacco in pipe bowl.



IM Corona Old Boy Chromium Lighter

The Old Boy Pipe Lighter is made with solid brass parts with tough finishes for a longer life. The outer body is resistant to scratches, which makes it last for years. As it comes with generous fuel capacity, you can enjoy your smoke for quite a number of times, before refilling again.

The flame angle is adjustable to 90 degrees, which makes it easy for you to adjust the flame according to your choice. The company offers two years of warranty, so you can change it as and when needed.



If you are someone who likes to spend a few minutes in this leisure activity, any of the above mentioned pipe lighters will work well. They won’t only save you from the mess of conventional lighters, but will also prove to be a handy source of power. We would also like to tell our audience that before you chose one of the Pipe Lighters permanently, we will recommend you to try some for better knowledge.

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