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How to Use a First Aid Kit in Arma 3 on Self

How to use first aid kit in arma 3 altis life
How to use first aid kit in arma 3 altis life

To Begin With

The very first thing that we all must be wondering about is the term ARMA 3. What exactly is this? Sounds like something related to army, a troupe or something like that. But, can you believe, we are talking about a virtual world here. Yes folks, ARMA 3 is video game, developed and published by Bohemia Interactives, this shooter video game got released on September 12, 2013. Designed for Microsoft Windows, it hails to be an open world military game. There are several plots, divided into episodes. There are several things that need to be taken care of in this game but we will focus our discussion on how to use a first aid kit in Arma 3.

Arma 3 Anatomy

Arma 3 is a tactical shooter video game. It has both single user as well as multi user mode. It provides the player this advantage to opt for the weapons, features and objectives depending on the style and situation. It runs on this concept of a 2030 war zone at the Mediterranean islands. We are talking about Altis and Stratis area. The whole game is about wars, shootings, harsh conditions, pathetic situations, people going homeless and a refugee crisis. Although, there are peace keeping forces but there are many twists and turns.

Survival Of The Fittest

As Charles Darwin stated very clearly-the more fit you are, the more are the chances of your survival in this planet. We all will agree to his notion stating that the strong will dominate the weaker one and will come out to be the winner. The very notion applies to this virtual, harsh, blood clad world of Arma 3.In order to shine and win, one needs to SURVIVE and ADAPT. These actually are the 3 episodes of the game in question. Here again, we are entering the niche and picking up the episode of survival. We proceed to see the medical requirements for the same.

Survival Strategies

This open world military game will pose many challenges in front of you. You will get hurt, injured or even kill yourself. But if you can stand up again after getting hit, that is where you earn brownie points. In order to heal yourself you will need a first aid kit, used as FAK in the game.

The Algorithm

  1. Soldier gets hit, wounded badly
  2. Require a First Aid Kit (FAK)
  3. Appearance of a white cross on the screen
  4. Point the cursor at the injured soldier
  5. Select TREAT
  6. Press the space bar which is our action key OR use the mouse wheel to go to the action menu
  7. The soldier starts patching himself

Treasure Hunt

The medic box is the place to look for. Our treasure is the first aid kit (FAK) here and is placed inside the medic box which is full of FAK. Different conditions require different approach. We are proceeding to learn about each of them. Following conditions can be encountered with:

To Use Medkit

For Injury


Points To Remember

Hence, moving step by step, with a sound knowledge of all the shortcuts and commands to use the FAK – First Aid Kit will help you survive and emerge as a winner. Go, enjoy this virtual world.

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